How The Fake Two-Party System Keeps Control

Click the link below the picture for the story, from Ben Swann, about how the South Carolina political machine is keeping Libertarians from getting on the ballot, this is one of the many ways the fake two-party system controls any real opposition! No matter what party you align with, this should outrage you. Our nation had multiple parties for a very long time and Continue reading

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What a Way to End the Year – Better Things Ahead

Ankylosing SpondylitisNormally I post about current affairs and politics with a touch of personal stuff thrown in from time to time. I was going to post a highlights of the year blog about some of the more important events of the year, both bad and good, but decided to just go with a post of a more personal nature. Partially because health issues caused a lack of time for me to put together what I wanted, but also it’s nice to change pace from time to time. I will get back to the NWO and freedom issues after the first of the new year.

I for one am ready for December to be over! I normally don’t complain much about personal things, but what a horrendous month for me. Continue reading

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A&E, Phil and Duck Dynasty: Why It Matters

Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberstson

Picture of Phil Robertson taken from YouTube/CNN

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Yesterday I chimed in on the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson/A&E frenzy. You can read it here. Today I am following up because many people don’t seem to get just what is going on with all this and why it really does matter. Continue reading

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