Infowars Magazine Issue 8 April 2013


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It now appears that Infowars is providing the magazine in three ways. The original 3DIssue version and the PDF version (like the last issue, March Issue 7).  I will be posting the PDF version first with the 3DIssue version below it. There will also be a link back to Infowars allowing you to subscribe directly to get the notice of the new magazine from them in your email if you wish. You can also purchase the print version in several quantities from Infowars to hand out hard copies of the magazine. If you choose to subscribe to the magazine through Infowars, I hope you will continue to visit 3iffromwithin Blog and share it with family, friends, co-workers as well as those awake, those that you would like to see awake and on all your social media sites. Share this site with a Liberal and make their day…lol. Sharing is quick and easy. Simply click one of the many Share this buttons provided at the end of the post or page and that post or page will be shared! If you have someone you think would like this blog, just put their email address in one of the Subscribe boxes in the sidebar, click send, and an invitation to view and subscribe to this blog will be emailed to them (they can always ignore the invitation if they choose not to be subscribed). Of course you can subscribe there also. Subscribing to this blog can be done quickly and easily by just entering your email address in the places provided (beginning and end of each post or the sidebar) and clicking subscribe. The only emails you will receive are the ones informing you when a new post is up and an occasional administrative notice. You will never be spammed from this site and your information will never be sold or given away. You can easily unsubscribe any time you like.

The 3DIssue version is best viewed in full screen. For the PDF version I like to custom fit the PDF version to my screen and then scroll up or down with my mouse or arrows to change pages. That may just be me and my old eyes 😎

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April 2013 issue 8 Welcome To Planet Hoax And The War On Reality

Welcome To Planet Hoax And The War On Reality

3DIssue Version Below

April 2013 Issue 8 Welcome To Planet Hoax And The War On Reality

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One Response to Infowars Magazine Issue 8 April 2013

  1. Okky says:

    People say religious folk are afaird of death, which is why they follow God. Well you Americans must be shit scared of your government to follow these crooks who are robbing you blind, taking away your freedom, and destroying your country. Why don’t you march for your kids, your wives, your family?. Why you stand by and let the illuminati inslave your loved ones?.

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