Fed BLM Chinese Plan Exposed-This Isn’t Over, It Is Just Beginning!

I was right! Even though the BLM and corrupt Federal government are falling back and regrouping, this stand-off is far from over and actually is worse than many people thought, MUCH WORSE! The “conspiracy theorists” were right once again! The information in the first article (link below) did not surprise me very much, but it probably surprise many people. The information in the article in the second link, I’m still stunned by what is revealed by someone who lived through almost the identical scenario in Arizona, minus the cattle and desert tortoise. This goes much deeper than I and most other awake and informed people believed! While the scope of what of these particular actions by the BLM, the Federal corrupt government and corrupt Congressmen is a scenario most conspiracy factualists have always know was part of the agenda, I am still shocked we are this close to changes in America like most people never imaged could happen, and this ain’t good! It involves treason, bribes, stealing land, power plants, nuclear plants, highways and military bases and more!

BLM Made in China

I sure hope the citizens of America wake up in time to stop this and I hope they see how it was done in Nevada by Bundy, his family, friends and militia from all over. If we continue to watch and do nothing, continue to disbelieve or be afraid, continue to listen to the whore propaganda media and believe government is our friend and here to help us, continue to fight amongst ourselves and believe the Republicans are different from the Democrats at the top levels or continue to think Obama and crew are idiots and incompetent, then we better start learning how to speak Chinese!

I don’t often ask that you share my blog or information in my blog, but this is too important not to share with others. Much of what is in these articles has sources or the source can be found independently. So please share this after reading the two articles. Now is the time to stand together, stand up and put aside our fears! We are still at a point that we can stop these crimes and this agenda through the spreading of facts and information and using their spying on us through all digital forms and social media to let them know we know their plans and will not allow them to destroy this country and our futures! Now is the time to get loud and involved! As usual, I am NOT advocating violence They want violence and a civil war, we do NOT want either, but we will defend our families and property! We will NOT stand idly by and let evil and tyranny prevail! Let’s pray we can turn all this around without the violence these globalists desire and leave our children a free country to live in!

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Chinese Takeover


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