Bundy BLM Stand-Off – Patriots Show America How to Take America Back

Interesting summary. This came from the DCClothesline . The video is actually an interesting summary from an on the scene reporter from Infowars. About the 8:00 minute mark the reporter reveals the Walton Family Foundation (WALMART) was donating $400,000 to the BLM cause on the condition that the Bundy family and their ranch be removed from the land!

There is a war against small businesses and family business in this country. Through regulation, distortion of laws, fictional laws, fraud, theft and force, the multinational corporations are getting rid of their competition! That means more monopolies, less choice, less competition, fixed increasing prices and expanding control over the people. That also means more power for these crooks. The more powerful they get, the more fascist tyranny we are subjected to! Their greed knows no bounds, especially when left unchecked or opposed! Of course we have come to find out this stand-off has been about many things, just not about saving the desert tortoise, as claimed. Harry Reid, his lobbyist son and a Chinese solar plant to be built where the Bundy ranch is. Bundy’s name was even mentioned in documentation dating as far back as two years ago and linking Reid to this, stating he had to be out in 2014 for the plant to proceed. Then there is the fracking, oil and minerals contracts waiting to be fulfilled. All of this on public lands and corrupt people getting richer through deals and insider information which we the people have no access to. We get NOTHING for these deals, except more restrictions on our freedoms and OUR lands being taken away! Of course there is the issue of a fascist tyrannical government forcing Agenda 21 upon us, stealing cattle, assaulting citizens, having men with sniper rifles sighted in on citizens, free speech and free speech zones, etc. etc.

Harry Reid pic Perhaps this is a turning point for the American people. I am not convinced this Bundy-BLM situation is really over, but for now, it is. As corrupt as those in government are and all the billions of dollars to be made, I am sure they will be back and try to find a  way get what they want! Hopefully the American people will be inspired and have their eyes opened by all of this and we can start regaining control of our government, investigate and imprison people like Harry Reid, and restore our country to a Constitutional free republic. Click the link for the story and video (link will direct you away from 3iffromwithin Blog in a new window/tab). patriots-show-america-take-country-back


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