Crimea: Distraction From The REAL Invasion


UkraineMost of us are aware of the Putin, Russia, Crimea invasion and how Obama is being billed as weak against this atrocity. Never mind that all this could go nuclear or be the start of World War 3. Never mind that the Russian response to sanctions (which many experts consider the first steps to war, a Cold War at the very least) could very well put the US, meaning us regular citizens, into financial turmoil. Before I go further I must state, Putin is not a nice man nor a champion of freedom. He very likely is in bed with the globalists, to an extent, and is as corrupt and criminal as any other leader of a nation, plus his KGB past and being a Communist can’t be overlooked. He is however exposing more of the wrong doing by our government than the MSM or either party and helped prevent us invading Syria outright. Sure, it is for his own benefit, but when our two political parties, government and MSM are so corrupt, we need to get the truth, or pieces of the truth, from some where and need to be smart enough to discern what is truth and what is propaganda from any source. I’m not a fan of Putin by any stretch of the imagination, but is he really any worse than Obama? Putin sure isn’t over here trying to take our rights and our guns! Of course Obama is not being weak, intimidated or an idiot as many believe and are led to believe. On the contrary, everything he does is planned carefully by the globalist and has a purpose.¬†That said, several things could be at play in this whole Ukraine, Crimea saga. I am going to just focus briefly on what the MSM, our government and the globalists wish us not focus on.

The Distraction. Something they are VERY good at!

All we hear from the propaganda spewing MSM and our government about this situation is how bad Russia is and how dare they invade Crimea! Then there is the saber-rattling and the back and forth between the two superpowers. Actually, the US government and MSM acting as if Russia is doing something so unbelievably bold and outrageous is humorous if you think about it. Pretty much the pot calling the kettle black if you look at all the countries the US government has invaded, especially the last 10 years or so. It isn’t humorous for all the victims in these countries, the soldiers, their families or even us, but humorous that we supposed to believe what Russia has done is any more outrageous or wrong! Sadly, many do believe this. However, the distraction is not about the US, not directly at least. The US government is just part of the distraction.

The EU, along with the global bankers just took control of 90% of the Ukraine by force with their “freedom fighters” (terrorists) shooting police and fire bombing polices stations! The MSM and our government hailed them as “freedom fighters”, but what would they call any movement in the US that attempted this? I’m not calling for this or any violence, but the question needs asked and I think most of us know the answer. Especially considering how the government (both parties) respond to any deaths by guns (except in self-defense or gang related. That goes unmentioned). When civilians shoot another civilian there is a call for gun control, gun registration and all out bans. Anyone whom disagrees with government on any issue is immediately attacked by the MSM and government, declaring those people threats, possible terrorists, racists and more. This is just for opposing their actions or views under our God-given and First Amendment right to free speech! Yet these “freedom fighters” overthrow a legitimate elected government in a very violent way and are hailed heroes by the MSM and our government! It is all part of the double standard and brainwashing.

Here is the what we are being distracted from, the REAL invaders who started this whole thing. The EU and global bankers (whom control the US government and all MSM). They create a bloody, violent uprising killing law enforcement, burn places down and overthrow the legitimate Ukraine government and then place their own global banker government regime in charge, join the EU, so that the EU can drain all their finances and resources (giving it all to the global bankers), as they do with all its members, plunging the country into poverty along with its citizens, and this is hailed as wonderful and the “right” thing to do! (side note: Does this scenario sound vaguely similar to Libya, Egypt, etc. only without the EU)? Putin and Russia invade Crimea, which is about 10% of the Ukraine, with much less violence (I don’t recall hearing of police being shot and burning down police stations or any deaths really, but I could be wrong). They did this supposedly because they have what we call “national interests” in Crimea.¬†Crimea then votes to succeed from the Ukraine and join Russia instead of joining the failing globalist dictatorship of the EU and Russia is horrible invaders that are threatening the world and must be dealt with!

Do I condone what Putin did. No! Do I blame him, not really, considering that the global bankers are slowly and purposefully gaining control of vital areas very close to Russia and that threatens the security and sovereignty of Russia. We can not forget the globalists goal is a one world government, the NWO. No nation can remain sovereign under this NWO. We must see through the deception and as the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Those involved in pushing this NWO are most certainly not our friend and have declared us to be their enemy. So yes, the NWO IS our enemy and as long as Russia or any other country is fighting against the NWO, then they must be considered our friend, as long as they are not attacking us or a threat to us of course. Then again, perhaps Putin is just playing his role in this distraction. Whatever the case, one thing is certain, the global bankers just took control of another sovereign nation through violence and we are being distracted once again!


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