How The Fake Two-Party System Keeps Control

Click the link below the picture for the story, from Ben Swann, about how the South Carolina political machine is keeping Libertarians from getting on the ballot, this is one of the many ways the fake two-party system controls any real opposition! No matter what party you align with, this should outrage you. Our nation had multiple parties for a very long time and it helped keep the system honest. The rich and powerful within these groups focused on defeating each other and many actually had beliefs and principles that they firmly believed in and vigorously supported to the extent that they would not allow anyone from an opposing party to get away with the things we now see as common place abuses with no consequences! Those within those parties held those same beliefs just as strongly and had no problem switching parties if they felt the party no longer represented them. You see, then it was about, principles, ideals, freedom, etc. not about “the party”, as we nowadays see. It wasn’t about being part of the “winning team”. It was about personal honor! Something unheard of with politicians of today and many of the two-party supporters. Too many buy into the lessor of two evils facade and ignore other candidates and parties because “they just don’t think they can win!”

The Presidential election is another way the two-party system has found to gain more control. The person with the second most votes was the VP and was almost always from an opposing party! I am pretty sure that is the way it is still supposed to be (constitutionally) yet the two parties collaborated and changed it (unconstitutionally) and have been collaborating since then to control the power, money, this country and it’s people! Here is how the Constitution says the POTUS and the VP should be selected: Article II (links on this page will open in a new tab/window and may take you away from Blog) Not exactly the way we hold Presidential elections is it? These are just a couple of examples of how the fake two-party system has collaborated and changed the way things are done to keep their iron fisted grip on everything and keep the opposition controlled. They have joined forces and pretend to give us choice. Many ask why the Republicans don’t act on all the scandals and many impeachable offenses committed by Obama and this administration. Yes, Bush was a criminal as well, but he isn’t directly in power now. The simple answer is two-fold. First, they both have the same agenda which is the globalist banker agenda of a NWO. Second is whatever this administration gets away with, they can too when and if they ever regain the presidency.

If you want freedom, if want this country to return to what it once was, the land of the free, home of the brave, a place of opportunity and no persecution from government and a government that answers to the people and serves the people, then stop supporting this fake two-party system!

I’ll leave you with this thought. What would happen if the majority of people from both parties (or even just one) decided to official become members of the Libertarian party this year and voted for only Libertarians. I really would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Unequal access pic from Ben Swann site

Picture from Ben Swann website


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