A&E, Phil and Duck Dynasty: Why It Matters

Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberstson

Picture of Phil Robertson taken from YouTube/CNN

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Yesterday I chimed in on the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson/A&E frenzy. You can read it here. Today I am following up because many people don’t seem to get just what is going on with all this and why it really does matter. This is just not about a beloved celebrity being taken off his show. It is about WHY he was. You need to look at the overall big picture of what the government, globalists, MSM and entertainment industry in general have been and are doing. There has been a big push for politically correct speech (PCS) for a very long time and it is stronger now than ever. Places like Seattle banning the use of “brown bagging it”, a term used for years meaning to bring ones lunch in a brown paper bag, now is considered offensive! Parts of the federal government and in France the words “mother” and “father” have been deemed offensive. Offensive to whom? Well the gay and lesbian community. Who deems this? The “government”. Almost daily you find news about the gay movement being offended. If not in total agreement with them, they scream “hate speech” and people should be jailed or worse for disagreeing. I have even heard many people ranging from everyday Joe’s to newscasters and celebrities saying some pretty vile, nasty, hateful and downright threatening things that should happen to anyone that is opposed to the gay agenda and NOTHING happens to them!!! NOTHING! It is ignored by government and the MSM! You see, that is OK, because the agenda is APPROVED by government and the globalists in control of the MSM! PCS is bad enough in itself because it is about control, not being nice. If you control the language, you control the people.

When all these groups push one side of an issue, any issue, and then punish others that disagree, that is censorship! It is no accident they picked their #1 earner with a huge fan base. They are sending a message to other entertainers and the masses and the bigger and more popular the star, the better! That message is, We control EVERYTHING! The MSM and entertainment industry are under FCC regulations and the government is supposed to be unbiased in its dealing with people and organizations and actually prevent this sort of thing. Christians and ALL religious groups are protected under the First Amendment, yet there is an obvious attack against Christians going on and an even more obvious protection of gays. When a Christian cannot quote the Bible and is not free to express his or her beliefs in America without being persecuted by the press, government and an employer, then you actually do have first amendment issues! In my post yesterday I stated there were no violations. Technically I still think that is correct. The problem is that government is not standing up for Phil’s rights the same way they do the gay people’s rights. I will have to check, but A&E MAY even be in violation of their FCC charter. The government has been violating others rights to favor the gay agenda. I recently read about a cake maker that is being forced, by the government, to either bake a cake for a gay couple or be fined and have his business closed. A gay couple want the cake to celebrate their wedding. The cake maker is a Christian and politely refused because he felt it would be helping in the celebration of what he believes is sin. You can search for the whole story for details, but there is a pattern here and many more attempts to force private businesses to do things against their religious beliefs. This is why this whole Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson and A&E situation really does matter!

When the powerful groups, businesses and government all align to support one groups rights over another, we have a very serious problem. It sets precedent, which is huge in legal matters, it opens the door to EVERYONE’s rights being violated once this precedent is set. Governments, especially out of control governments such as ours has become, use this tactic quite often. I have always said we need to stand up for everyone’s Constitutional rights, even those we disagree with! By not doing so, we set ourselves up to lose the same rights! The big picture here is that worldwide there is a concerted effort to dismantle the family unit. The global elite, the UN an all they control (including our government and the MSM) are eugenists, (they admit this) and destroying the family destroys the strength of the people. Them promoting the gay lifestyle makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it? Add in the destruction of Christian freedom, of which the family unit is key, as with most religions, and you have a world with no moral compass, fewer children and anarchy! They get us fighting and hating each other, destroying any unity. This makes it easier for them to rule over us, to control us and eventually destroy us! Just a side note, if you think other countries are more accepting of the gay lifestyle, you might be shocked to know while some do, there are many that do NOT tolerate it at all, even still putting gays to death if caught, so if you are gay in these countries, you don’t dare speak of it publicly. I seriously doubt that groups like GLAAD get away with the things they do here in the USA. Read this and you can see they just refuse to accept that someone be allowed to have a different belief or opinion concerning the gay lifestyle.

So it matters because it is about freedom of speech, religious freedom and persecution, hate groups, banning Bibles and beliefs and special treatments for gays, intolerance from a protected group that demands everyone bow down to them or suffer the consequences. It matters because a protected group is attacking others rights and getting away with it because it fits the government agenda. It matters because we can’t allow government or groups of people to dictate to us what we can believe or what we can say. It matters because individual freedoms and rights still matter and we cannot allow others to lose their rights, lest we all lose our rights and freedom!

Below are a couple of links that speak to how the MSM and gay rights advocates are screaming HATE speech and even calling for banning the Bible! They are twisting his remarks and calling it racist (no surprise there because the MSM have been using the race card for everything). This is why it matters! Again, you don’t have to embrace Christianity to see how wrong and dangerous this is. As a matter of fact the first link is from an atheist and former member of the gay lifestyle and she hits it on the head!

Dailycaller.com – Paglia: Duck Dynasty Uproar Is Utterly Fascist

Duck Dynasty Controversy: Bible to be Banned as “Hate Speech”?



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4 Responses to A&E, Phil and Duck Dynasty: Why It Matters

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Kirk says:

    Wow! In the end I got a webpage from where I can truly take useful information concerning my study and knowledge.

  3. Neo says:

    I understand where ya coming from, but seeing as these guys have Created this whole persona around there buisness (which isn’t a problem) & ALL reality TV type shows are SCRIPTED (I honestly haven’t found one that isn’t) I see this as Created Controversy for the public to bicker amongst themselves as Distraction from serious things going on! I forgot who said it (have to look again) but they said something quite Profound & has always stuck with me & that is, There’s Nothing that ever comes on Television that isn’t for our Consumption! It’s funny how just before their series started, they looked Nothing like they do, but looked like Rich Yuppies! I feel they always use at least 2 issues ALL the time that’s meant 2 Divide us & they are #1 Abortion & #2 Gay’s. well, that’s my 2 cents! Have a good one. Neo

    • Jeff says:

      First let me apologize for taking so long to respond back Neo. Health issues and a LOT going on, which of course the health issues add to the backlog. Also thank you for your comment!

      I agree. Anytime the MSM along with government focus so much attention on something, it is usually to benefit them somehow. Usually for distraction or for division or both. I would also add a #3 to your list – RACE. Of course this has been going on much longer than the current administration, they just seemed to be using race issues much more and more openly. IMHO that was part of the plan of bringing BHO. The Dems have ALWAYS been the party to use race, while the Repubs have been the party for rich white people, which plays into the whole division scheme. At the top levels neither party care about race or gays in a REAL supportive manner and use whomever and whatever they can to destroy society, the family unit and any unity. At the top levels both support abortion, despite their rhetoric, as it is part of their eugenics program.

      While I agree issues like these are used to divide and distract, I think they are also used to get a feel of what they can get away with and what the public backlash will be like and to continue getting the masses used to the idea of restricted liberties. Those behind all of this are very good at multilevel thinking and functioning and it is my belief that almost everything they do is is for multiple reasons, not just the specific reason being argued at that point in time. We can’t and shouldn’t fight all the battles these global puppets and their masters bring at us almost daily now (sometimes multiple battles per day it seems as they escalate things), but I think we should be vocal about the ones we feel are most threatening if left unchecked, yet ALWAYS be looking for the bigger attack or story of the day. The less backlash they receive over issues, even if it is a staged one, signals to them they can become even more aggressive in that area. Part of the reason they created the social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter was to monitor reactions and use it as a gauge. For those awake like ourselves I think the best thing we can do is be vocal about any attack on freedoms and rights to make others aware and show those in power there is resistance, constantly be watching for the bigger hidden issues and exposing them, and attempt to not get pulled into the long, drawn out “drama” of these issues, which helps further their divide and distract strategy.

      Thanks again Neo! Have a great one yourself and keep up the good work on staying awake and alert!

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