Duck Dynasty and Phil vs A&E and the NWO Agenda

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Here is the full interview that got Phil Robertson indefinitely suspended from Duck Dynasty: full GQ interview. Before you read it I’ll warn you that the guy who interviewed Phil for GQ is NOT a gentleman by most standards, which I find curious and telling at the same time that a magazine named GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly) would have someone as vulgar as this on staff and not edit out the swearing he is so fond of. Of course that’s the irony of it and I have a strong feeling it is intentional. Also this is just part of the New World Order (NWO) attack on sensibilities and morals. There was a time when there were certain common standards for gentlemen and you would never hear a gentleman use profanity. I’m sure that is still the case and GQ is attempting to lower the bar because their owners really do want a dumbed down, immoral world where they rule over the godless, pathetic masses.

I’m not surprised by this because I have been warning people for a long time about the Godless nature of these people behind the NWO and their agenda. The gay and lesbian movement is part of the NWO agenda and these people are being used, which most of them do not mind. While many people are clamoring about the first amendment, this is much deeper than that. BTW, Phil is under contract and as anyone being paid by these people, you can speak out all you want, but there are consequences. True, if you say what they want and do what they want you get rewarded. Let Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Taylor Swift or any other Illuminati controlled star say the same thing as Phil and they will get the same treatment! This is not a first amendment issue because Phil was allowed to speak his mind and the government is not hindering that. This is about control over the masses and the message that paid stars must send if they want to remain a star and on the controlled entertainment industry lineup, which Phil and the Robertson family have chosen to be part of, but will now be quickly terminated due to not following the set agenda! Good for them!!

I’m no genius and must give God the credit because he first warned us in His word, the Bible. I have merely believed what He said, watched things in the world digress, done a lot of research and understand that the things that oppose God that these corporations, MSM & politicians push are done so to fulfill an agenda by those that do oppose God, worship Satan and desire to rule the world. This stems from the top dogs, the families that have been secretly buying all the media and whatever they can get their greedy hands on and those that control these families. There are six multinational corporations that own the vast majority of all Mainstream Media (MSM). For a break down of the six multinational corporations go here. They are believed to be owned by between six and twelve families. Some of these family names are well-known, such as the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s and Windsor (England’s royal family). There is plenty of speculation as to what families are at the top and a quick search of the internet will bring you a wealth of information regarding who is in control. Sadly they are very rich, powerful and secretive, so while we do know many of the names of the families, we don’t know all of them or the exact power structure. I must also note that there are photos of some of the women of these families proudly wearing Satanic jewelry and other examples one can find that they do truly worship Satan.   The Vatican is thought by many to be at the very top, and the Jesuits, the Zionists, and all these families work for the Vatican. Much evidence points to the Vatican and Satanical connections. I must admit, I fall into this group from all my research. You can find out more on these families from here and here or do your own searches. I will not provide any links to the Vatican theory, but again, do a search and take a trip down the rabbit hole. I suggest using Ixquick for a search engine or DuckDuckGo because they do not censor the results as Google does and use a different algorithm. You will be surprised at the difference in results in most everything, but especially things that the powerful and rich prefer we not easily find that points to them and their crimes and agenda. Plus they do NOT track IP addresses like Google does.

So there you have it. My explanation of the real story behind A&E and the Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson saga. It is all connected to the NWO agenda and what the MSM and those in power cannot control or distort, they get rid of. Duck Dynasty has made a lot of money for a lot of people, so they have tolerated the Christian values. Now Phil and the show have gotten too big and the elite rulers are afraid people will actually start listening to their message and values, since they cannot control what Phil and the family say and do. Perhaps they thought Phil and the family would cave in because of the fame and fortune? maybe they thought they could control them, that they now OWNED them? I for one, am glad they were wrong and Phil and the family still put God first. The reality of it all is that God has taken care of and provided for this family long before the show and will continue to do so long after as long as they continue to live their Christian faith and spread God’s message. Phil knows it! The family knows it! Now much of America knows it as well and this is probably the best thing that can happen to the brainwashed zombies of America. Watching a man and his family that they have enjoyed watching on television (this is one of our favorite shows) being persecuted and threatened by the network and their owners as well as those they offend by spreading the truth of the Bible, and standing firm on their values and rights, no matter what the cost! Good for them and may God continue to bless the whole family!


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