America – How We Got Here and How We Get Back

The US Constitution

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How in the world did America get to where we are at today? How do we get back to the land of the free and the home of the brave, the land of prosperity and a country where theĀ  people rule, thrive and are the envy of the world? This isn’t rocket science. Our Founding Fathers laid out the blueprint and many people have fought and sacrificed everything to preserve what we were given, what we are allowing to quickly slip away! The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are that blue print along with the Declaration of Independence!


Click on the image to open the PDF version of the US Bill of Rights (opens in a new tab/window)

Sadly too many people have never read the Constitution or any of the other documents that are the foundation of this country, freedoms and rights. Even sadder is those who swear an oath to protect and uphold it haven’t either! What is the saddest of all is very few in office have enough honor and good character to uphold and protect the Constitution and the majority of we the people have become so apatheticĀ  and morally permissive that we allow our Congress, the Executive Branch and Justice Department to continually be occupied by openly morally bankrupt people, known liars, criminals, bullies and traitors that have no honor, no dignity or no moral compass and have sold their services, our freedom and this country out to the highest bidder!

We the people have allowed this! We fight amongst ourselves and do everything we can to oppose people who actually do stand against all of this because they are not members of “our party” or because they have the audacity to stand up for a moral society, which at times opposes those in the minority or because they don’t buy into this war mentality, this attack without provocation mentality! We allow the minority to shout us down and push their agendas for fear of being “labeled” by them or others! We have lost our backbone, our desire to stand as individuals for what we believe is right, decent and moral. We have become complacent and comfortable at the expense of liberty and freedom. We are more worried about what our friends, neighbors, family and even our Face Book or other social media “friends” may think about us than we are about standing firmly for what we believe!

We have become civilized, domesticated and not in a good way! We have become dependent on government and others to survive and that comes with a heavy cost! No longer does that spirit of individualism, of self-sufficiency, of being able to survive and take care of ourselves and our family rest in us. Sadly we have become dependent on the systems put in place to make life easier. Nothing wrong with that, until that system crashes or is taken away. Generations of people slowly being socially engineered without realizing it has left us too dependent on systems and stripped us of our survival instincts and ability to fend for ourselves.

We gave up being the land of the free and the home of the brave because we are no longer brave! We have lost our courage and given in to fear, fear of being different, moral, old-fashioned in our thinking and fear of not being popular! We have become afraid to speak our minds and call people and groups out for what they really are! We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by a few that are evil, greedy and ruthless. Not the few that dare to expose the truth, but the many that have chosen to go along to get along, to be politically correct and to be silent when they should be speaking out and hiding instead of standing together with those that do dare speak out! When those few of us actually do make a stand, voice our disgust, shout out these things are wrong, our friends and family, for the most part keep quiet for fear that they too will be labeled or put on a list.

Freedom comes from courage, not fear, from sacrifice, not comfort, from being active, not apathetic, from standing up to wrong, not lying down to evil, from mustering up the courage to run to the battle, no matter the cost, not hiding and being quiet out of fear!

The Bible says “fear not”, over and over, yet the Christians and the “church” have yielded to fear and instead of calling evil what it is, instead of opposing evil, they remain quiet and many even embrace it! Like it or not, history shows our nation was founded on Christian principles, not atheists opinions, or Muslim beliefs, or even Jewish beliefs and at the same our founding fathers held on to one of the biggest principles of the Bible and based everything on this belief and Godly standards, that God have each of us free will and as a free nation founded on these principles, people in this country can be secure in that free will and protected by our Constitution to practice any or no religious beliefs, to love whom they choose and live as they want, as long as it doesn’t infringe on others rights and freedoms! Sadly, we have even lost the desire to stand up for those rights of others we disagree with and become so selfish and self-centered that we say or do nothing when their rights are infringed, many times even calling for their rights to be taken, and that my friends opens the doors to tyranny!

I think after reading this it is easy to see how we got where we are and at the same time we can see what it will take to get back to the Constitutional republic we were, back to a great nation, back to the land of the free and the home of the brave!!!!

We can regain our freedom, our prosperity, our futures, but it will cost us! It doesn’t take ALL of us, it takes enough of us willing to call a spade a spade, to point out the king has no clothes, and to demand better from those that are elected to SERVE us! You can’t do any of this by remaining silent and afraid or by allowing others to dictate to you what is right or wrong. Be brave, be moral and pray that God strengthens us and gives us wisdom and courage to stand against those that would enslave us and return to the moral, Constitutional republic that we once had!

Finally, how can we know when our freedoms and rights are being attacked or stripped away, when those that are elected to serve, betray us, or even if our government is being run in a Constitutional way, if we have never read or understood the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence? Please take the time to read these vital documents! Download them, save them, re-read them and share them or this post. Once you understand exactly what is in them, you can understand where we were as a people and country and how we got to where we are now. Then you can understand what is happening, what is being attacked and taken from us and you can then know what to defend and what to believe. You will easily see how a large, over-reaching Federal government has created unconstitutional departments to control the states and the people and how each branch of government is guilty of violating the Constitution and how traitorous acts and treason has become the norm by those in office and those controlling them. You will not need the MSM, you “party leader”or anyone else to explain to you why or if something is wrong. The blueprints, these documents are very clear. Once you read these documents we hear so much about and understand their content, you will see how far away from a Constitutional republic we have drifted and understand the danger we all are in and how to get back to where we need to be as a country and a people! Once that happens you will understand freedom and how to get it back. Of course you then have to decide to take action, to stand up and speak out, to be courageous and strong. You have to choose if you can live with a world where you are enslaved, or a world where you are free. I can assure of this, either choice you make you will not be alone, but by choosing freedom, you will be with those that you can count on to be there for you, to stand with you and help you. You will be amongst those that can hold their heads up high and have that incredible feeling that only comes from doing what is right. Hopelessness is replaced by hope, apathy disappears, righteous anger replaces fear, you will feel alive, focused and free like you have never felt before and nobody can take that from you and the whole world will look different. The possibilities become endless because that is what choosing freedom does for people! Choose wisely my friends!


US Declaration of Independence cvr

Click on the image to open the PDF version of the US Declaration of Independence (opens in a new tab/window)


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