Taxes of the King: Then and Now

Taxes of the King Now and Then

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“Power concedes nothing without demand, it never did and never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.” ~Fredrick Douglas~

I find it interesting that our forefathers, the founding fathers* of this country, were mad enough and felt oppressed enough to start into motion the process to throw off the shackles of tyranny for far less than what we have forced upon us today. Some will say, but it was different then Jeff. True, but what people have been brainwashed into believing is that the more taxes we pay, the better things are because we need big government to do everything for us. NONSENSE! Look back through history and you will see that as our government has grown and taken more power and control than constitutionally allowed, our economy has shrunk and dropped to the point we are at today! Centralized government exists to protect itself and make itself bigger, more powerful and controlling, not to help out the people who it is supposed to serve. Our nation became the most powerful, fruitful and free nation in history, a nation that was the envy of most people. It used to be the dream of people from almost every nation to come to America and be a part of this greatness, this freedom and prosperity. Was this because we had a government that gave the people everything while taking their hard-earned money through unfair taxation? Was this because our government controlled what the people could do, say or think? Absolutely NOT! Our nation became the envy of the world because the people were not restrained, controlled and given everything by the government! The people were not taxed until after the private Federal Reserve was unconstitutionally given power over our currency  in 1913. Unconstitutional taxation** began after that along with inflation and the beginning of the takeover of America by the globalist banker families! We as a nation continued to grow and prosper, but at a slower rate due to government intervention, through stealing our hard-earned money (taxation) and through unconstitutional regulation.

We the people are the reason this nation was so great! It was our high moral standards that the majority of people lived by (yes, a Christian Godly nation), our ingenuity and hard work. Communities built their own roads, businesses sprang up everywhere, schools were the direct reflection of the community and controlled by those within the community, all without the help of government. Opportunity and prosperity were abundant because we were free to dream and chase those dreams, and if we worked hard, had good ideas, treated people fairly, and had wisdom, we prospered and grew. If not, you failed or your business failed. No handouts, no too big to fail, no too big to jail, no government intervention! We also had more of our money to use, to live on and to build businesses with. People took care of each other in the community, not the government. You could take a chance and fail and still survive because you were part of a community that cared. They would give you a hand UP, not a hand OUT!

When government gets so big that it controls all of these things and taxes you so they can provide for you, they also can and do control you and can take it all from you. The biggest problem with big centralized government is it ALWAYS gets filled with greedy, power-hungry people who don’t care about anything except power and money! The more of our money they get, the more they keep. They not only don’t care about other people in the community, they find ways to destroy the community or control the communities. Why? They know that if people are too worried about paying bills they become less worried about each other. So they tax us and control us so we have less community which means we help each other less and care less about each other. They take ownership of businesses through regulation and monopolies so they can control us even more. They then say “give us more money and more power and we will give you more programs to help you.” When the truth is they purposely created an atmosphere that took away everything that worked and replaced it with one that enslaves us and burdens us. It is no longer about the people in the community taking care of each other and that is the way they want it!

The solution is disobedience and resistance. This does not necessarily mean violence. I am opposed to violence and do not promote it. Gandhi accomplished much with non-violence! What I mean is nullification, civil disobedience to unjust, unlawful and unconstitutional laws! We rebuild our communities by rebuilding personal relationships. We retake our local communities by replacing corrupt politicians with regular people who are honest, wise and caring! Under the Constitution we can set our laws and decide which Federal laws are Constitutional and which laws we choose to enforce. This is not anarchy, this is reinstating Constitutional rule and laws. The Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) is NOT the final authority on the Constitution, we the people are and always have been. ObamaCare (ACA) is going to increase taxes even more and like the other taxes, is completely unconstitutional and designed to do only one thing. Make the global banker richer while breaking and enslaving all of us. It is the perfect example of big central government. Give us more power and money and we will provide a service for you. Instead they just take our money and take more authority over our lives! Many states have nullified it, declared it a non-law. Every state needs to do this and return to the ONLY way our Constitution says government in our country works. The STATES control the Federal government, not the other way around!

This begins with YOU! Rebuild your community on relationships where we the people take care of ourselves and each other! Demand honest, moral people be in office and prosecute and jail those that abuse their power at every level! Your community is about the people NOT the government and the sooner we get back to that and the philosophies of our forefathers and founding fathers, the sooner we can be free and prosper!


*interesting side note. The words “forefathers” and “founding fathers” is considered “BIAS Language” according to my spell and language check in WordPress. They suggest I use the word “ancestors.” It is considered bias due to the word “fathers!” France has banned the use of the words mother and father because it is gender biased! This is happening here also with words like “brown bag” (Seattle banned its use because it is prejudicial) and parts of the Federal government has prohibited, through memos, employees from using certain words like mother or father because it may offend a gay  person.  I have the option to not check for “Bias Language” but choose to allow it so I can see how controlling those in control are attempting to be through politically correct speech. I ALWAYS choose to ignore it and will try to place this little side note at the bottom so you can be aware also.

** in case you do not know how our taxes work, here is a simple version of it. The private Federal Reserve, owned by private global bankers who mostly live outside of the US, print money at will that is backed by a promise, nothing more. We are then lent this fiat or worthless money and charged interest for them to lend us our own worthless currency. The taxes collected illegally by the unconstitutional agency, the IRS, is paid to the private global bankers through the private Federal Reserve. All of our tax dollars go to paying the interest, never the actual debt! The US declared Bankruptcy in 1933 and has been under receivership since then. That’s right, it took the global bankers along with their corrupt politicians about 20 years to bankrupt America and take control. look it up, this is ALL on record. Maybe now you can understand why they keep raising the debt ceiling. It is to completely break the middle class and America and then buy all of our assets (parks, airports, highways, etc.) at fire sale prices as they did in Greece! They control all of that and they control EVERYTHING, including US! Also China has much influence over policy and our government since they have bought much of our debt. Now guess who controls and runs China. If you guessed it is the same global bankers, you would be correct.


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