About People and Quotes I Choose to Use

I just want to be clear about some of the people, pictures and quotes I choose to use. Let’s take my recent post using Malcolm X for example. Any picture of a person and or quote used is intended only for the implied purpose and by using a picture of a person or quote from someone does not imply I agree with or support anything else about this person unless otherwise noted. I never have and do NOT now support nor promote violence, racism, Islam or militant agendas from any individual or group. I am simply giving credit where credit is due. I have always been a firm believer that you can learn something from everyone and one of the problems with America today is too many people reject everything from a person or group if they disagree with them about most things or even just one or two things. Do I agree with Malcolm X and all that he did or all that he stood for, absolutely not. I do know though that there is much about him and other “radicals” that the government, MSM and globalists have lied about, distorted and twisted to keep the majority of people from learning any part of the truth they may be revealing or attempting to reveal. This is not to say he wasn’t radical, promoted violence and was an angry racist. He was all those things and to be fair he denounced his racism after converting to Islam. Just because Malcolm X or some others may choose to deliver their message in ways that are not socially acceptable, ways that most of us can agree do more harm than good, does not mean some of the problems they are bringing to light are not legitimate. It is their solutions we normally have a problem with and if they involve or promote violence we should have a problem with that, but we should NOT ignore the problems that they are bringing to light nor should we disregard any words of wisdom they may have said. Again, Malcolm X represents many things I do not endorse or believe in and was radical, but there is also some things the government and the MSM hope we the people never see or hear about him such as the quote I gave.

Waco and Ruby Ridge come to mind as other examples of situations involving people who, while far from perfect and in tune with the main stream population were portrayed and still are, as fringe fanatics that were dangerous to the public. If you read the wealth of material that is now available through credible sources on the Internet, books that have been written about these two tragic events, and even eye-witness accounts that were previously kept from the public, you will find a completely different side of the story that will shock and anger you if you choose to believe it. Once you start piecing facts together, you will find, as with almost all “official stories”, that the truth about the events and the people is nothing like what we have been and are still told by the government and their propaganda machine, the MSM. There are many more examples of this type of vilification by the government and the MSM ranging from complete lies to just covering up the one or two good points they may have brought to light.

So please understand when you see a me post a picture of a person that is fanatical, evil, represents violence, racism, Islam, etc. that this does not mean I agree with anything other than that what is stated, unless I say differently. While most of you I believe already understand this, I hope this clears up any confusion or questions people may have about that post or any others that you may read here. I post this in part because a friend unsubscribed from my blog minutes after Americans Misplaced Loyalty was posted. I can say for a fact that this person is NOT racist at all. He is intelligent, loves God, freedom, truth and honorably served in the military! I have a feeling it was more to do with my posting a picture of Malcolm X and what he represents than the actual content of that post. I have thought a lot about this since then and felt the need to post this as a disclaimer of sorts and a clear explanation about some of the content found here. Besides, with the NSA collecting all they can on us, it never hurts to have in writing clarification on certain issues to keep from being misrepresented by them or anyone else  😆 I do apologize if anyone has been or is offended by that or any post, picture or quote, as my intent is not to offend, but I will not apologize for using people and their words that fit into the point I am trying to make or my stance on issues I write about.

As always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome whether you agree or disagree and you can always email me if you don’t want something public. Thanks for your understanding and reading my blog!



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