Happy Veterans Day – Honor Those Who Bravely and Honorably Served

Veterans DayThank you to all who served! All that served sacrificed and some sacrificed all, their very lives! The families of veterans have also sacrificed, more than most know!

So to the veterans past, present and future, THANK YOU! To their families, THANK YOU!!!!

Please honor all that served by not allowing their service and sacrifice to be in vain! While they valiantly fought in wars against armies of enemies that threatened our freedom and way of life, we need to honor those who served by fighting the enemy from within that now threatens our freedom, our way of life and even the veterans themselves! It’s our turn to step up to the plate and if you really want to honor our veterans, you’ll do more than post a quick thanks and a picture. You’ll join the fight to keep America free and help defeat this enemy from within! Our veterans need us, our families need us and our country needs us! This blog is mostly dedicated to that fight and in my own small way honoring those that served in the military. Find a way to make a difference. The attack is real, the threat is real and to do nothing means that our veterans sacrificed in vain! Honor these brave men and women every day by doing your part to KEEP AMERICA FREE!!!

 May God bless & protect our veterans, their families and America!


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