Obama Says Legalizing 11 Million Illegal Immigrants “Good for Our Economy”

Mexican illegal immigrants believe US is theirs

Illegal Mexican immigrants show their hatred

Obama says 11 million illegal immigrants becoming legal would be good for our economy!!!

There are no jobs! For the last 20+ years BOTH parties have seen to that. So just how does adding 11 million more people legally into the job market add up to being good for the economy?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, during the last several presidential terms, but especially with the Obama administration, everything is double speak or like the old grade school game, opposites day! Everything they say, everything they claim or bill they is really the opposite!!!

Dem: Obama should consider stopping all deportations of illegal immigrants – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/330603-dem-rep-obama-has-responsibility-to-stop-deportations-if-congress-does-not-act

As with several of my other posts, this started out as a response to a comment or question to something I posted on Face Book, above is the original post I made on Face Book on Oct 27, 2013 (above pictures were not in the post and added in to this blog. Also spelling corrections have been made). This question was from a friend: “I’m just asking out of curiosity, because I DO NOT care for Obama, but don’t a large portion of illegal immigrants here already have jobs… Minimum wage or less, but still jobs. Those jobs could be made to pay the wages workers are due, and there would not be as much hardship for immigrants. Then they would actually pay taxes which would stimulate the economy.” It took me several days to respond on FB. Things have been so crazy around here, but she has not responded back to this, which is no surprise due to the nature of  FB and her busy schedule. She does subscribe to my blog and hopefully she will comment here on this.

Good question C*****l! What you stated is actually the myth the Democrats, liberal Republicans, MSM (Main Stream Media) and the liberals have been pushing for a very long time and on the surface makes sense, as does much of what the politicians (both parties) & MSM push. First we have to recognize that those in power here in the US either are globalists or work for the global bankers. For a long time they have been systematically shipping the factories & jobs to mostly China, but elsewhere like Mexico, Argentina, etc. They have done this through “free” trade agreements (NAFTA and the like, which only serve to reward countries like China & Mexico that have been under these globalists strict control for a long time and are notorious for their human rights violations, absolutely horrid working conditions, no regulations and pay scales that make our minimum wage sound like a fortune, and it penalizes any company that remains in the US, unless they are exempt, like GE, Google, Warren Buffet companies, etc.) regulation, intimidation & incentives, but what most people don’t know is these global bankers sit on or have control of all the boards of every major
company and the vast majority of the other companies that have a board, worldwide! This can be easily verified through sites like littlesis.org and theyrule.net. (links will open in a new tab/window and MAY not be part of 3iffromwithin Blog)

Here is a link to the interview the CEO of Gibson Guitar gave after several armed swat raids were conducted at his plant. Gibson was falsely accused of violating a law that states certain raw materials (example: specific wood used to make the guitars) could not be imported and then used in manufacturing. They were not in violation here or where they bought the wood. BTW, one of the reasons the American’s revolted against England was a ban on manufacturing such as what Gibson Guitar was accused of. In this interview he tells how he was told point-blank to move his plant & manufacturing to MADAGASCAR or the raids would continue. These are armed swat people, pointing loaded weapons at everyone in the plant, yelling and harassing them and either destroying or confiscating (illegally) products, records, computers and raw materials. This was told to him in the government briefs! http://3iffromwithin.info/yourls/gibsonguitar (you MAY have to click on either the blue or red “x” on the blue bar at the top of the page for it to load. The red removes the bar so you shouldn’t have to do it again).

China is the globalist model for what these global bankers envision for us & the rest of the world C*****l. As for the companies paying better, not going to happen because: the multinational corporations are globalist controlled, some of those that are not globalist controlled (smaller businesses) that do hire illegals are struggling to make a profit as it is. I don’t condone hiring illegals, but some that do must because they have to compete & to force them to pay more would put many of them out of business. While I agree there needs to be a REASONABLE minimum wage, more government intervention and more government control is NOT the answer! Look at the Post Office and all its problems. The government thinks they have a blank check when it comes to money and have no idea how to run a business on a budget with limited income! This is assuming that the government actually wants businesses to succeed and wants to provide better for
people. They do NOT on both counts because they are globalist owned and everything they have been doing is about eliminating competition for the globalists owners and enslaving the population. Of course there are some that could, but are just too greedy, but again, they have that right, it is THEIR business. Also it would be an unfair burden on those companies that do not hire illegals and I can guarantee the govt. would force them to hire some of these “new” citizens at the higher pay scale, which would close them down probably. The multinational corporations are exempt from most of this and everything else that is being forced on us and other smaller businesses. They get slaps on the wrist for thousands of violations & can afford the fines while smaller companies get large fines for minor stuff constantly & needlessly. Look at all the companies that have cut employees hours to avoid Obamacare. My point is for some it is about survival of their business and others it’s about getting richer, but either way the employees, here legal or not, will not benefit from any of this. The illegals also benefit the companies because the companies aren’t paying taxes & benefits for them! So many companies sadly hire illegals for that reason. Many construction companies for example hire legals, that employ some illegal & some legal in their crews because they undercut everyone’s pricing. They can do that because many live together or are in camps of sorts with low costs & expenses, pool their money, food & resources and then send money left over back to their families in Mexico. That will not change either. What S****Q said is absolutely correct! (Note: S****Q had responded to the question posed by C*****l: C*****l, did you realize that Mexico’s second largest source of foreign income is from money sent back from their nationals in other countries? That is money is that is not being spent in OUR country. No sales tax collected on that money, etc. It’s a drain on our economy..

Another part of the myth is this would help the illegals have a better life. Again, not going to happen. Even those that are here working now illegally don’t want more people coming in. They know 11 million more poor starving people flooding the workforce will either put them out of work or reduce their income even more!!! Do our immigration laws need revised? I’m sure they do. But isn’t this all a big slap in the face to all of us? Especially those that came to this country legally and followed the process and became citizens! Another thing to note is many of that 11 million don’t want to be US citizens!!!! Many of these hate us & this country (thanks to the Ford Foundation’s, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and others creation and funding of the militant hate group La Raza and others that for years has educated the Mexicans in schools and elsewhere to HATE Americans).

You also have to take into account that many of those 11 million are already draining resources that are strained already. Talk with people in Arizona, Texas or California or anywhere else where illegal immigrants are being protected over US citizens, being treated with more rights than US citizens. They already get preferential treatment in the healthcare system! This will only get worse because there are not enough jobs now, so they will continue to drain more and more of our tax dollar paid for programs and there will NOT be enough tax dollars (if any) from them to offset these costs and extra burden they will put on these programs! What about the crime? When you allow the nation to be flooded this way, with no proper vetting or background checks, all kinds of criminals, many murderers and very violent will now be here legally. No thank you!  Again, look at Texas and Arizona where many places it is unsafe for Americans because of the Mexican gangs. They even have signs posted. This is on American soil and permitted by our federal government, the same ones telling us this will benefit us!

I could go on all day C*****l. Here is the bottom line. No country survives multiculturalism of the kind we are having forced on us. The globalists have used this exact method time and again to destabilize and control countries. Remember the politicians (from BOTH parties) told us these “free” trade agreements would boost our economy and provide jobs and the EXACT opposite happened! When I worked in printing we lost a MAJOR account right after NAFTA or GAFTA that really hurt the company. This account moved ALL of their printing to Mexico. When we tried to get their business back by offering huge discounts and pointing out we had all of their existing negatives, photos, etc. we were told to keep all of it because in Mexico they could do everything from scratch cheaper than any price we could give them. Do you really think the Mexican workers standard of living increased? No way. For years the US was known as the melting pot of the world and it worked out better than any other place in the world. Why? Because those that came here wanted to become citizens of America! They wanted to learn English, earn a decent living, they wanted to be a part of this once great nation and honor their roots at the same time. They desired and worked very hard to become US citizens!!! What is going on now with the flood of illegals coming in from mostly Mexico, is all about destabilizing America and bringing our standard of living down to the level of Mexico, China & third world country status! They want special treatment, they want the schools and businesses and citizens to speak THEIR language, do things THEIR way and what is even worse is this is encouraged by the Ford Foundation (on record) and other multinational corporations, the globalists and even many of our politicians! They are being promised this “quick” entrance into the US with strings attached. They WILL vote for the removal of our rights. There is a lot of promises being made to them, which will be broken, if they go along with what they have been told and taught! Sadly, they are being used and just don’t realize it.

This whole thing is just part of the globalists plan to bankrupt the middle class, bankrupt America, and bring in the NWO. While it is nice to think about the hardships of the illegal immigrants, we MUST understand that the whole master plan here is NOT to raise up their standard or to help them, despite the lies of the politicians, but it is to LOWER our standard of living and create more hardships for ALL of us! Let’s worry about keeping America  free and strong, and bringing back industry so there are jobs for LEGAL citizens first. If we don’t do that, there won’t be any jobs for us or the illegals and we ALL will have hardships that are beyond what any of us have known!

Please do not take any of this as me being upset by the question. I am not because you seem to be genuinely wanting to understand why I think this is bad for us or why I disagree. I AM passionate about this and trying to help others understand the truth about the ALL lies and fraud that are being pushed onto us 24/7.

Below was not placed on FB. I just wanted to shed some insight and add a couple of things.

Here is a link that provides some insight into why these illegal immigrants are of such importance to those in power and THEM retaining THEIR power and pushing THEIR agenda forward. http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/immigrants-like-democrats-over-economics/

I also encourage everyone to search out how the globalists have done this in other countries as well. As with all of what we are seeing in the USA and the captured government that rules over us, these steps have been fine tuned over time through trial and error globally. They have a plan and are following it. So it is not very hard to see the end game to all of this if we just look at what has happened to the UK, Greece, Ireland, Spain, etc. Iceland so far is the only country to stop this and I think we should do as they did. Prosecute and jail the bankers and their paid henchmen that have been committing treason in this country. That would be from the TOP down, especially those in any branch of government that are guilty, the bankers and the Wall Street gang of criminals, but not excluding any I did not mention! Then we can rebuild this nation, create manufacturing and have jobs and freedom, as intended by our Founding fathers and those that fought and gave their lives to protect! Then we can return to a great, prosperous and moral Constitutional Republic!

C*****l is a friend and is not what I would consider a Liberal in her political views. She is like all too many people here in the US and actually worldwide. She values freedom and individual rights, she has empathy for those that are going through hard times, and she would like to see this world become a better place for all of us. Unfortunately she is also probably a victim of the MSM 24/7 barrage of misinformation, so I understand where her question comes from and truly hopes she starts looking at other sources for her news and information. I know for many it is hard to find other sources you feel you can trust and finding the time to sort through the lies and hype. The MSM has a lock on the television and makes it so easy in this world where we are kept so busy, to hear their brainwashing, especially when almost all the stations say the same thing for the most part. I have a long list of websites that offer a lot more accurate news and information on just about everything. Some specialize in one or two areas of expertise, while others are just decent sources of truthful, factual information. I fully intend on creating a page of just links to these sites in the near future. Now granted, many will find fault with some if not all of these sites and that is OK by me. No one person or source should be taken at face value or believed blindly. ALWAYS try to get independent verification of any news or information before believing it. In this day and age of disinformation, that is IMHO the ONLY way to sort out truth from lies and fabrications!  It can be time-consuming and that is why the globalists keep us busy and distracted. Our freedom and future depends on us knowing the truth, spreading the truth and exposing the lies and agendas of these godless, soulless, evil criminals. The futures of our children and grandchildren depends on this. Once you understand that, it becomes a little easier to make the time to find the truth that they try so hard to obscure, twist and hide!


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