Why We Are Losing the War On Drugs

The so-called War on Drugs was never intended to be a war in which the drugs are eliminated, stopped or even slowed down! Surprised? The victims of the war on drugs are very real! The families torn apart by drugs and the war on drugs are very real! The Law Enforcement Officers (LEO’s) that have lost their lives and their families pain is very real! The LEO’s that face dangerous criminals involved in drugs daily are very real and their protection of innocent people is very real! The criminals that deal drugs and those that commit crimes for drugs or the business of drugs, very real! My heartfelt sympathies goes to all the victims and their families of this drug war! So just what am I saying then if all this is real? The LEO’s that deal with drug users and drug crime, putting their lives in danger each day, do so because it is necessary. What is not necessary is all the violence that comes from this so-called war on drugs. Don’t be silly you say! I’m not. Read on and you will understand why we are losing the war on drugs, why it is not what it seems and responsible for countless needless deaths and misery.

The LEO’s that faithfully put their lives on the line to stop drug crimes are for the most part (always a few bad apples everywhere) honest, brave people doing all they can in a battle they were never supposed to win! They believe in what they are doing and at the time believe the same lies most of the people believe, the lies we have all been sold time and time again while the truth stays on the back pages of everything. We need them to continue to protect us until the war stops! To these brave men and women I salute you and say THANK YOU! These same LEO’s are also victims of the war on drugs and like most of us, they don’t realize it!

What do I mean when I say this is a battle they were never supposed to win?

There are several reasons the US government, and other governments, has started and continues the War on Drugs. First and foremost is the greed. Yep, the almighty dollar. What is just as bad is what there are doing with the money. If you look back in history, drugs were not illegal and many of the world’s wealthiest families have made their fortunes in the drug trade and still do to this day. Once the drugs were deemed illegal, this just served to narrow the playing field of those that could make vast fortunes from the drug trade. They are protected and ruthless! It has never been with the intent to stop people from using drugs! We are led to believe it is just the cartels that control the drugs and get rich. The cartels and their ruthless leaders are allowed to stay in business by working with those in power here and in other countries. These people who the cartel leaders answer to are even more ruthless than those we read about in Columbia, Mexico, the US and elsewhere.

At the bottom of this article I will post several links that are not part of this blog or 3iffromwithin websites supporting what I have said and more. While I have read most of them through, I have not viewed all the links within these articles and the link to DeepBlackLies I only skimmed. It is very lengthy and in-depth and I will be reading it through when I have a little more time and it too provides sources for you to check the validity of the statements within the article. Normally I read all of what I link to with only one other exception that I can think of. The DeepBlackLies page is one that appears to be accurate, but I do want to find time to read it and follow the links provided in-depth. The same goes for the link to Nation of Change. What I did read seems in line with everything I already know to be true. I did NOT want to leave them out as I believe they have a LOT of valuable history and facts concerning this subject. If you see or read anything in these links (or any that I post) that you believe is not accurate or misleading, please contact me explaining what article and what part you believe to be in error and I will check on it. After I review it in-depth, with your concern in mind, I will either remove it with an explanation as to what was in error, leave it with an explanation of what part is in error or offer up explanations and or more proof of the validity. I truly do not think you will find anything in error or misleading from what I have already read and skimmed, but I like to be accurate, upfront and open about what I post here and if there is an error I appreciate your help in spotting and reporting it to me.

In Afghanistan the US military actually guards the poppy fields, something the soldiers are not happy about. They complained several years ago and the answer was to make it known publicly, with a spin of course, to shut the soldiers up and make it appear like this was mission critical. It is interesting to note that the Taliban had shut the poppy fields down because drugs are a big no-no to the Islamists. As soon as the US came in and installed a new regime, the poppy fields were back in growth and now are responsible for over 90% of the opium trade world-wide! Some reports say Pat Tillman complained about being assigned to guard these fields and many believe he was going to go public with this and more and was killed for it. Of course this story about Tillman is filed under “conspiracy theory” by those in control and the MSM. Below is a short video showing US soldiers guarding the fields!

It has long been known that the CIA has no problem at all being in the illegal drug business. In the Viet Nam era they inherited the drug protection business from the outgoing French. The articles I read state this was not for profit, but those growing the poppy used for drugs were protected and even helped with transport of the drugs in return for their help in the war against the North Vietnamese and the “red threat” in Russia. Somewhere over the years all this has changed as the CIA and others realized the vast amount of money that could be had for operations and or their own greed, all off book and not accountable to Congress.  It has financed and continues to finance many of the CIA’s covert operations. You know, the operations that they do not want on book or so they do not have to explain to Congress or anyone else what they are doing. Of course the CIA is supposed to be overseen by Congress and that means their funds must be given to them through Congress and audited. So the CIA has all this illegal drug money they can use to operate without any oversight. Any agency that operates without oversight is an agency that is working outside of the US Constitution and should be done away with immediately, investigated and people imprisoned when and if they are found guilty of what one can only imagine would be a multitude of crimes. I have to state that not all of the people in the CIA are part of this. Just as in the rest of our government and other agencies and other governments and their agencies around the world, there are good, honest people who work very hard for freedom and to protect people. Sadly it is the corrupt, evil, and treacherous people who seem to eventually make it to the top of power positions. Those that are honest and not corrupt continue to fight a losing battle to at least keep some balance of good within these agencies and many times do not know just how far and how bad the evil and corruption goes. Some are even oblivious to these illegal activities within their own agency and would be shocked to learn the truth. To those people I applaud your efforts and integrity!!!

The CIA is not alone in this though. The global bankers have been caught on numerous occasions laundering drug money and owning the planes used to smuggle the drugs! Some articles even state that the bailouts and even the US economy is propped up by the illegal drug money. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these people controlling and getting filthy rich from the illegal drug money are doing this for any noble cause or for the good of the country or the people. They are in it for the power and the money, period!

Also we can’t forget the prisons and the newly formed privatized prisons. America has become the nation with the most prison and the highest prison population in the world! Many of those in prison are there for non-violent offenses relating to illegal drugs! Ironic isn’t it? The bankers and men in three-piece suits profit and control every aspect of the illegal drug trade and when they get caught receive a fine, if that, and those people doing or selling the drugs that these rich merchants of death control and provide get caught for even trace amounts in some cases are imprisoned and in many cases face life in prison! Why is that? Well it is about creating a class of workers that are slave workers in prison. It is about getting people introduced into the gang mentality that is allowed to thrive in prison. Not only is it allowed to thrive, it is used by the management of the prisons to keep the prisoners in check without additional staff or extra danger to the guards.

I also need to add that legal prescription drugs addict and kill a lot of people every year. This is a topic that needs its own post though. Much of what I have brought up could be given their own posts and gone into in much more detail than I have done here, but I wanted to at least go over the highlights and give enough information to make people aware of the REAL facts about the war on drugs and so anyone reading this can start their own in-depth study if they choose. The links I provided have a lot of really great information that support what I have written here and reveal much more.

You see, all of this “war on drugs” is NOT about making the streets safe or keeping our children off of drugs. It is nothing more than another way for those in control, the ultra rich, the global elite, our politicians, etc. to continue to have power over us and line their pockets with even more money. It is about control and collapsing economies by creating a slave class that produces for pennies what “free” people used to have jobs producing at livable wages, but those jobs are no longer available! It is about secret agency agendas being funded and global control as these agencies fund real terrorists and take down legitimate governments worldwide and install governments that are even more ruthless and more compliant to the global elite and their demands than the puppets they have in place already. I am NOT stating drugs are good or that they all need to be legalized. Many drugs create addictions, ruin families, cause crime and death and are horrible! Marijuana has proven to be a medical wonder in many cases and far less harmful than alcohol! What I am saying is that the war on drugs is a fake and causing far more damage to lives by those controlling them and being used by the globalists to further enslave people. At the very least I think we MUST stop the fake war on drugs, decriminalize many of the drugs and educate people and set up real solutions for those that get hooked on drugs and actually help them instead of using them for slave labor in prisons! The stark reality is that drugs and drug abuse have been around as long as prostitutes and prostitution. Many societies through the ages have either done nothing or criminalized drugs, yet they still are a problem and will continue to be as long as people have free will. People are always finding new ways to get high, dull the physical or mental pain in their lives and make money. It is obvious from all that I have stated here that a criminal class of elite have cornered the market through this fake war on drugs and are making things even worse than before this so-called war began. Just as prohibition of alcohol in the US created a ruthless class of criminals that got rich from the black market of illegal alcohol, the alcohol still flowed, only a lot more blood was flowing because of the money to be made and control of the alcohol was now in the criminals hands, the war on drugs has done the same to a larger degree and just like prohibition, things will only get worse and more blood will flow and more lives will be ruined than would have if this black market was not created by the ruling class for their gain. The senseless deaths and imprisonment will only end when the fake war on drugs is fully exposed and the fake war ended! Will people still use drugs, still die and lives be ruined, sadly, yes. Will crimes still be committed for drugs, again, sadly, yes, but at far less levels than they are now! Perhaps then people can focus on real solutions and real help!

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