9-11 Twelve Years Later: Why People Must Seek The Truth


The first part below was written by a Face Book friend yesterday and I have been given permission to re-post it here in my blog. She states this so well I did not want to change any of it and have not. The part below the line is what I wanted to add to what she stated. As you read through this please pray for all those that have lost loved ones and whose lives have been impacted in ways so horrific that we can not even begin to imagine what they have been and are going through due to the violence of that day and that has stemmed from events on the day. September 11, 2001, known by everyone worldwide simply as 9-11 or 9/11 really was a day that has literally changed the world as we know it and continues to do so twelve years later! It is my hope and prayer that those truly responsible for ALL the death, destruction, suffering and tragedies that occurred that day, as well as all the death, destruction, suffering  and tragedy that has continued to and will continue to go on because of that day are brought to justice! As my friend so aptly stated “…But what will truly bring justice to those who are now dead/injured/suffering because of 9-11 is to have the truth come out. And that will only occur when people open their minds and don’t blindly trust our government or main stream media anymore.”

Copied and pasted from my Face Book friend’s page:

So tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of that devastating tragedy that was 9/11/2001.

My prayer for tomorrow is that more and more people wake up and realize that the twin towers and building 7 were not destroyed by the airplane crashes alone. That the information we are being fed about the attack on the Pentagon on 9-11 is contrived, or at least very questionable, since the damage did not represent an plane flying into that building, and reports from aviation experts have stated that.

My prayer is that this anniversary causes people to explore the facts more, and start questioning what we have been fed about 9-11 vs. reality.

I continue to respect and mourn all those who lost their lives on 9-11, and later, after having been responders to the site. And my heart still goes out to all of the family and friends of those who lost their lives due to 9-11.

But what will truly bring justice to those who are now dead/injured/suffering because of 9-11 is to have the truth come out. And that will only occur when people open their minds and don’t blindly trust our government or main stream media anymore.

Well said! On this 12th anniversary of 9-11 I wanted to also look at all the things that have happened since that tragic day and in doing so I hope others will see why we need to seek the truth about 9-11 now more than ever. So much in our world, not just in the USA, but everyone’s lives everywhere were changed by the actions of a few on 9-11-01! Look at all the death and destruction that has followed and continues to stem from that day. War in Afghanistan and Iraq. War in Syria being narrowly avoided for now, even though over 100,000 lives have already been lost there and that count will continue to rise. What has happened and still is going on in Egypt and Libya also are connected to 9-11 through terrorism, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Countless lives of innocent men, women and children lost in the name of bringing those responsible for that day to justice and making sure it does not happen again! Innocent people are tortured, maimed and just disappear, never to be seen again in the “war on terror”! Individual rights and freedoms being traded for “security” from terrorists all around the world! More and more people are waking up to the understanding that the “war on terror” is and will be a war that will never end. The enemy is everywhere according to our leaders and new ones are discovered almost daily by those in control. Of course many of us have realized from early on that this is the plan of the global elite and their minions. During the last presidential debate it was admitted time and time again by the candidates that this “war on terror” would go on for a very long time and perhaps forever! First we in the US have had the perpetual “war on drugs” that has literally imprisoned so many people* and now we have the “war on terror” which imprisons the minds of the masses everywhere, creating a people who are afraid and even willing to submit themselves and their families to the most degrading and humiliating treatment by the TSA and even the police now in many states. The DHS actually calls returning war vets the number one security threat in America and if you look at all the other criteria the DHS puts out, just about any American citizen can be classified as a terrorist! Whole cities are taken over and shut down unconstitutionally and Congress has passed the infamous NDAA two years in a row now with the clause that Obama and his administration demanded be in it stating any and all Americans can be classified as “enemy combatants” by Obama or any future POTUS and can then be arrested, tortured, imprisoned in a dark hole somewhere indefinitely and even killed by our military, no judge, no jury. Very few in Congress voted against it either time! Those that dare question any of this are called “unpatriotic” or “terrorist sympathizers” and risk being put on secret lists that prevent you from boarding airplanes or buying weapons and at some point will land them in a re-education camp aka FEMA CAMP! All this in the name of keeping us safe from terrorist like the ones that struck on 9-11!

To add insult to injury, our government, the US government, under the leadership of President Obama openly supports “rebels” that are led by the very same al-Qaeda that is killing our troops in Afghanistan and the same al-Qaeda that we are being “protected” from here by being forced to give up our individual rights and placed in an ever-increasing police state in the name of security! Of course this is the very same al-Qaeda that the CIA, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence is on record creating years ago and have been controlling to an extent for all this time and yes, former POTUS GW Bush (pushed the unPatriot Act which Congress continues to renew) and his administration are just as guilty for their part for what happened on 9/11/2001 and in setting the stage for what we are now going through as well as other past administrations. Congress approves our tax dollars to support the “rebels”, the CFR and Hillary Clinton openly praise the al-Qaeda rebels for their part in the wars in the Middle East (http://3iffromwithin.info/yourls/cfr-praises-alqaeda-says-we-need-them link will open in a new tab/window and take you away from 3iffromwithin Blog). Additionally Washington DC denied a ride through permit for 2 million bikers, many of the veterans, from riding through DC in honor of the victims, while approving the Million Muslim March! Thankfully many of those bikers exercised their right to ride to DC anyway and actually stopped and stayed there for a while, while it is reported not many Muslims showed for their march.

I think it is past time Americans opened their eyes up and started seeing all that is going on and how none of it makes any sense! The official story has always been suspect and all these things that have stemmed from this one horrific incident and only continue to get worse are certainly signs that there is much more to the events on 9-11. WE MUST SEEK THE TRUTH! WE MUST OPEN OUR EYES AND OUR MINDS and stop believing “official” stories that make the wildest conspiracy theory look tame and real! Stop listening to the government propaganda news aka the Main Stream Media (MSM) and stop listening to the politicians that are obviously selling us out and setting themselves up as rulers!

So please, open your minds to all the evidence that shows the “official” story just does not add up and help find the truth. Until the truth is exposed and the REAL people behind 9-11 and all the other atrocities stemming from it are named and brought to justice, those that lost their lives and their families will not find peace or rest and countless more lives will be lost and families destroyed by these same people and eventually all of our freedoms lost, all in the name of finding and stopping the terrorists that are responsible for 9-11!

May God have mercy on those who lost loved ones through all of this and bring them peace and justice and may God protect and help those seeking the truth and open the eyes and minds up of those that have yet to see the truth. God’s Word, the Bible, says “the truth shall set you free, and free indeed you shall be”! While this is referring to the truth of God and His Word, this wise saying is very relative to what we are facing in today’s world in the aftermath of 9-11. Seek the truth of what happened on 9-11 and then we shall begin our journey back to becoming a free people and a free nation. Then and only then can these senseless wars stop as well as all the deaths of innocent men, women and children as well as our soldiers and those protecting their countries from real terrorists! May the truth be discovered and revealed and may the many victims rest in peace!


*the war on drugs imprisons people here in the USA for selling and using drugs that certain people and groups in our own government, with knowledge and approval from the top people within our government, and global bankers bring into the country, make billions of dollars a year from and when caught get in no trouble whats so ever except perhaps some fines. This link will take you to an article on Why We Are Losing the War On Drugs (link opens in a new tab/window and IS part of 3iffromwithin Blog) explaining all of this and a lot of links showing things like the global bankers were caught and fined for laundering drug money and showing the US troops guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan and more reasons and proof the “war on drugs” is a war not intended to be won!

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