Who Really Does Control the US Government

The Story of the Committee of 300

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Who really does control the US government? The chart above shows the hierarchy, but be sure to read the entire article for the details and answers to many questions including who REALLY killed JFK and WHY! This is probably the second most common question I get asked when I discuss the New World Order (NWO) and all that is happening to our country, our lives and the world with most people. The first most commonly asked is “I’m only one person, what can I do to make a difference”? Of course I get a lot of the usual negative comments like, “one person can’t do anything” or nothing you or I do can change anything”, which of course is exactly what the globalists and those really in control want people to think. Now please bear with me. I have no intention of just stating it is the globalists in control and leaving it at that because what people want to know is WHO are the globalists. I will be getting that shortly and I think you’ll agree it will be worth the short wait, but I cannot just mention what those in control want us to believe and leave it there. Many of you have already heard what I am about to say in response to that, but there are those that perhaps are new to all of this that need to have an answer to that as well and it always bodes well to be reminded what we as individuals can do.

They want us to believe we are already defeated and they are too powerful and just accept the inevitable, their NWO! Of course I don’t believe that we are defeated and they are too powerful and I do believe they can be stopped and it is up to each of us to be a part of the solution. So the quick answer to the most common question, “I’m only one person, what can I do to make a difference”, is to learn and understand the truth about the NWO and those in control, then pass it on to everyone you can. Once the truth and their plans are exposed, good people can rally together around that truth and that is the beginning of the end for these power-hungry monsters! The globalists know this, secrecy is their weapon and they use it to help keep us divided. What they fear most is the people of the world being united against them because they know there are far more of us than them and those they control. Once the truth is exposed, they control fewer people because their lies no longer work. It is important to note that evil thrives and grows in the darkness and hates the light! Make no mistake about this, the people at the top levels of all of this are absolutely evil people who actually worship Lucifer. Satan is their god! I know many people don’t buy into the religious aspect of all of this, but everyone needs to understand that the further up this power structure you go, the more involved and powerful people become in this NWO,  you will find that THEY believe in Satan and THEY worship him and THEY get their power from him. You don’t have to believe it, but believe that THEY sure do! Now most mainstream Christians and followers of Christ will be awestruck when and if they learn of this Satanic aspect because end time prophecy is very clear about how Satan will attack and gain full control of this world and those in it. No, I am NOT saying this is the end of the world, but this does line up very closely with Biblical prophecy, of which the globalists are fully aware. It is my firm belief that we can defeat this evil and God is leaving that up to us. If we do nothing, then I do believe we may be in the End Days which Revelation (and other passages in the Bible) details! I have plans on doing a pretty lengthy post on the organized Christian church and how it not only has failed to expose this to their congregations, but in too many cases is complicit with the NWO and all that is happening.  Pictured below is Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild wearing jewelry that is adornments of the Satanic worship and their wine label.

Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild

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rothschild wine label mouton-1997

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OK, back to the WHO is in control. Who are these globalists I and others always refer to? Just what is their power structure, their hierarchy? Sometime back I had downloaded a lecture as an audio file and only listened to a few minutes of it. It is 1 hour 43 minutes long and to be honest I forgot about it until a few days ago when I was cleaning up my hard drive and trying to recuperate some much-needed room. So far I have only listened to a little over an hour of this lecture, but am amazed at what this man exposes. While the lecture actually may be 10 years old or more, do not dismiss it due to its age. Much of what he exposes is not really new, some of it was to me, but much of this is still very much hush-hush and I am positive once you hear what this man has to say, a lot of blanks will be filled in for you and a lot that has been and is going on will become much clearer. For example, with the recent activities in Benghazi or Syria and listening to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, I realized how key their roles really are in all that happens in regard to the US and events around the world and it is much more than I or most people ever realized. The man is Dr. John Coleman. You can search for him using StartPage for some background information, but some of his credentials are mentioned at the beginning of the lecture as he is being introduced. Dr. Coleman is former MI6, a historian and has authored many books on the Committee of 300 and other conspiracies. He explains how the British East India and Dutch East India companies formed “The Committee of 300”. The information Dr. Coleman reveals is very compelling indeed and I will provide links to download two of his books in PDF format on The Committee of 300, embed the YouTube video of his lecture that I listened to as well as the audio file that you can listen to or download so you can listen at your convenience and share (do a search on Dr. John Coleman downloads and there are a lot of things available for free, some even for Kindle or epub format for other tablets). I hope you as you listen or watch this that you take a few notes and check out for yourself some of the things Dr. Coleman reveals. I think for many of you this will be an eye-opener and also will be an important step up in many people’s level of understanding (it was for me), of those in control here and abroad, the NWO and events that have happened in the past, present and future, if we don’t stop these evil soulless monsters! I am sure many of you will, and should, start researching these organizations and the people associated with them as well as those mentioned in this lecture. I welcome any additional information that you may come up with and please share with others in the comment section what you have found or any questions you may have.


Audio file of the lecture.  Click arrow to play or right-click the player and choose: save audio as to download and save the file to play later and share.


Below are two PDF files to two of Dr. Coleman’s books on The Committee of 300 that you can either click on the link (will open in new tab/window) to open and read or right-click and save as to download and read later (recommended) and share.

The Story Of The Committee Of 300

Dr John Coleman – The Conspirators’ Hierarchy – The Committee of 300


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