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Earlier this month I posted the video Purge, the Infowars Operation Paul Revere video contest winner. I have since been attempting to watch at least a video or two each week from the collection of runners-up, which can be viewed by clicking the above link. I decided to start posting some of the ones I really liked. This contest I think has done a great job of providing all of us with some really great resources to gain more information about the NWO, government corruption and so many other things that are going on in America and/or worldwide from other people’s perspective and then be able to share it with others. These videos can be used to wake people up as well. Especially when they see the videos are made by regular people, just like themselves, or you and me, with information on a very wide variety of subjects. These videos range from a few minutes to almost 2 hours. Some are humorous, while others are documentary style with others being more dramatic. Aside from the information within them, many are very enjoyable to watch as well. The ones I have watched so far were far from boring. So please, go to theĀ Infowars Operation Paul Revere website, bookmark or favorite it and then start watching some videos and be sure to share the page and you favorite videos with others. As you know, the more people who are aware of the truth that the MSM and those in power try so hard to hide, the weaker those in power become. Exposing their agenda and those behind it will go a long way in helping win this battle, that they started, and regaining our freedom!

The video below is entitled “Freedom Diaries” and was made by Justine Spinoza and produced by Blue Zero Media. It is 18:18 long and done very well IMHO. I have embedded it from the YouTube page, because for whatever reason that is not one of the sharing options from the Operation Paul Revere site. If possible I recommend watching in HD full screen.

OK, click below and sit back and enjoy Freedom Diaries.

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