Our Silence is Consent: The Cradle of Christianity Under Attack


It is unfolding in front of our very eyes.  During an age of endless information, it is impossible to ignore, yet that is exactly what the world seems to be doing.  Christianity, the places where the Gospel was first brought by the apostles, the amazing cultural developments  that ensued, and the wisdom which became world-wide and eternal owes all its fortunes to the people and places which are now under endless attacks by the most brutal Islamic thugs since Mohamed’s armies conquered and enslaved these places originally.

Rape, beheadings, torture of women and children while the hearts of men are eaten by the armies which are hell-bent to spread Sharia and overthrow the legitimate governments that had been in place.  The burning of churches and slaughter of Christians along with the all out destruction of monasteries, libraries and orphanages is reported as a sidebar, but in fact is the goal of mostly foreign fighters coming to dip their knives into the blood of the innocent.  Priests and deacons murdered, with their sacred vestments than worn by the killers as trophies.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect, as an American, is to realize that your own country is backing this apocalypse.  The Obama White House likens the burning down of several Christian churches in Cairo and the murder of those simply for being the followers of Christ as remarkably consistent with the events during the American Revolution.  A statement that loses the shock value of being so inane, by the sheer cruelty it attempts to dismiss.

As we watch Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan sink behind the Islamic Curtain, we can only take safety in the promises of Jesus Christ and the faith that these martyrs and lost treasures of the faith reflect only the worldly evil which is Islam, against the eternal victory of Christ on the cross.

The above was copied in its entirety from http://manachbog.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/the-cradle-of-christianity-under-attack/. (clicking links will open in a new tab/window and MAY take you to a site not associated with 3iffromwithin Blog) All credit for the above story goes to the author of that blog and I would like to thank him for sharing it on Face Book, which is where I first saw this. Please visit his blog by clicking the link and leave a comment.

As I said, I saw this first on Face Book and was compelled to share it with you and of course add my two cents worth in here as well.

Whether you are a Christian, follower of Christ, atheist, Jewish, Catholic or agnostic does not matter. You should be outraged by these murders and ethnic cleansing! What is going on is NOT casualties of war or collateral damage, no, it is targeted murder and ethnic cleansing plain and simple! These atrocities are real and those in power here in the US are completely aware that this has been going and still continue to fund those guilty of these horrendous acts! While they may say it is out of their control, the fact is it is very much in their control. Without the money (our tax dollars) these extremist groups aka terrorists (Obama & some members of Congress call them “rebels” & “freedom fighters”) would have been defeated long ago! The fact that we are funding groups that are attempting to overthrow a legitimate foreign government, to put  Muslim extremists in power is sickening enough by itself and I will not get into that in this article. It is a subject all of its own and deserves its own article.

The unconstitutional Patriot Act & NDAA with the wording that makes American citizens enemy combatants for any “suspicion” of associating or funding terrorists clearly would have any citizen arrested and at the very least imprisoned for much less on less evidence (no judge or jury). Why is it that Obama and Congress openly admit to funding those that are committing these war crimes, crimes against humanity and terrorism, with our tax dollars, and are not prosecuted? If US soldiers did anything like this they would be court-martialed and possibly given death sentences, and the MSM would have 24/7 coverage of it digging up every little dirty detail and making stuff up to demonize and hang them! Of course the MSM for the most part remain silent also or place the news of this on the back pages or as a side note! This is not surprising considering they are just global propagandists and have lost all credibility with many people and much like Congress and the other politicians, more people every day are losing confidence in them and their willingness to be truthful. Yet those in power and the MSM call these murderers, these terrorists, “freedom fighters”, pay them and protect them!

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that every time the TSA molest you or a family member or Obama and/or Congress say more rights need to be taken away from us (not those in power, just us) for our “safety” to protect us from terrorists, please remember who funds these people they are “protecting” us from. Make no mistake, it is the same “terrorists” that they call “freedom fighters” and allies in places like Libya & Syria!

People, clearly there is something wrong with this picture! In America we are all equal and we are all supposedly under the same Constitutional laws! With that being said, shouldn’t those funding these atrocities be removed from power, prosecuted and imprisoned once found guilty? The leadership in this country is NOT above the law and it is up to “we the people”, the citizens of this country to hold them accountable! Our silence is consent!

It IS our obligation, our responsibility to put a stop to this. Obama & Congress are supposed to answer to the citizens of this country! They work for us, not the other way around! Our silence is consent! Let me repeat that, our silence is consent! As long as we remain silent, these atrocities will continue and we allow it! As long as we remain silent, we will be ruled over instead of represented! As long as we remain silent, they will pass laws that they are exempt from and will imprison and kill citizens for doing far less than they are guilty of! As long as remain silent, the ethnic cleansing and murder will continue in other countries with the blood being on our hands!

Speak out! Demand an end to the funding of terrorist, aka “freedom fighters” Demand that Obama (and Bush) and Congress be investigated by an independent counsel and those found guilty of perpetuating this be prosecuted and punished under the full weight of the law for their crimes against this country and its people and crimes against humanity!

Our silence is consent! Do NOT remain silent and do NOT consent!

Just by sharing this on Face Book other social media or with family, friends or co-workers you will be and telling everyone


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