Purge: InfoWars Operation Paul Revere Contest Winner

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PURGE, the Infowars Operation Paul Revere contest winner video is below. Yeah, I know many of you were hoping the email announcing a new post being up would be the Infowars magazine being posted, but sorry to say they have still not released the digital version. I am pretty surprised it did not get released today. I can’t recall Infowars ever releasing the digital version on a Saturday before, but if they do, I will make every effort to post the magazine as quickly as I can after it is released, even if that means staying up until the wee hours to get it posted. Some people have inquired about the magazine. Infowars typically releases the digital version 5 business days from the day the hard copy comes out. There has been some inconsistency on their releasing of the digital version and at one point it was 9 business days after the hard copy came out. It can take me anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to get the digital version posted here, depending on how busy I am.

I know not all the people who subscribe to my blog or read it are Infowars fans and many people dislike, distrust and even hate Alex Jones. Some say he is a Zionist or CIA plant, which is not the topic of this article. I know he can be obnoxious, rude and overbearing to many of his guests and callers. When I listen to his show his rants vary from being spot on, ridiculous, over the top, hilarious and even dang, that’s just how I feel. Depending on the rant and my mood that I am in that day sometimes I just have to tune him out or turn him off, especially when he goes on and on about being right and nobody giving him credit, and you know, I understand that. I’m sure there are times we all feel like people need to apologize and give us credit for taking the brave stance on what is happening around us on a daily basis anymore, knowing we will beĀ  laughed at and called the dreaded “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist“. I know I have said more than once to my wife that you would think some of these people would apologize. Say what you will about Alex Jones and Infowars, but when he does something like this Operation Paul Revere project, you have to admit, the results are just fantastic! What a great way to get people involved and the best part is we now have a lot of different videos that present different messages from different view points that we can use to inform family, friends and co-workers! So please be sure to check out the other videos by clicking the link above or at the end of the article.

Operation Paul Revere was a recent contest where Infowars gave away 3 cash prizes with the top prize being $100,000.00!! WOW!!! Without going into all of the details of the contest, the object was to create a video that would inform or alert the public to the attacks that have been and are going on against our freedom. It actually was two-fold in purpose. The second part is to find talent that will be used in upcoming films. Well they had over 600 entries into the online film festival contest. The winner was a filmed named “PURGE”. It is almost 18 minutes long and nicely done IMHO. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this video. Also the link to the Infowars page where “Purge” can be found is here, and the page for all the other videos that were entered into the contest can be found here. Some contestants have pulled their videos from the site, but I think you will find many of the videos are enjoyable as well as informative and a great resource to share with others in your efforts to wake people up to the tyranny and dangers of allowing this agenda to move forward.

And now the movie folks!

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