I’m Back! Refreshed and Reminded – Do It for the Kids

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Well, I’m back 8-). I have sort of been on about a month hiatus from not just blogging, but a lot of my normal digital activity. I have hardly commented on posts on Face Book or Twitter, I have barely been on any social media to be honest. While I have been on this short “break”, I have not tuned completely out, but have backed off on much of my research and interactions. I have written several drafts for posts here on my blog, but I am not sure if they will make it to the publish stage. There are several reasons for this break. My Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) has been much worse of late. This can be from stress or just because this AS seems to flare whenever it feels like it and it can last for any length of time. Truthfully I have been in a flare up for several years and it just goes from bad to worse, but you just learn to deal with it. That means sometimes taking breaks from important things and spending what time you can with what is really important in life, your family! My daughter heads back to college in 8 days and I have focused as much time and energy as I could to be with her this summer. My wife has been very busy and I do what I can to make her life easier also. Sometimes that means that is all I get done because this AS can and does sap the energy right out of you much of the time! I make no excuses, my wife and daughter are the most important people in my life and God has made it clear that they are to be one of the highest priorities in life! Of course that is why I have taken such a vocal and strong stand against this NWO and the evil behind it. That is why I blog, post comments on Face Book and Tweet. I am going to stand before God someday and I do not want to be ashamed because I did nothing to protect my family or their future! My family will never have to ask me what I did to fight against this tyranny and evil, to protect them and their future as well as the futures of my grandchildren that we someday hope to have. Not only has my AS been giving me fits, but summer is always a busier time of year. The grass seems to grow 3 inches every time it rains and, thankfully, there has been rain on a regular basis here. So there is yard maintenance and just taking the time to try to take care of the daily things that seem to pop up in the summer. Of course this AS is a huge factor in what I can get done. The fatigue is as bad if not worse than the pain associated with the progression of AS. Some days I have negative energy levels and not much gets done, not even reading. On good days I can pace myself and have maybe a total of 4 hours that I can be productive. This includes spending time with my family and helping take care of our pets. Writing a new post in my blog is more time-consuming than one may realize because I try to be precise in my information and the wording of everything. Finding links to support my opinions or information that are reliable and that, hopefully, can cross the lines of politics so that people from all sides of the spectrum can at the very least have their eyes opened to the possibilities that what I am trying to share is factual and not just some fabrication from a faction with hidden agendas other than freedom and resisting the tyranny, evil and NWO. Granted that is not always possible, but I do try. Sometimes I just grab the link to the source that has the best story and within that story are the source links for people to check out.

This break also was important to me because in all honesty I get frustrated, very frustrated. It is hard putting in the time and effort, especially when my time due to this AS is considerably more limited, and not sure if anything you post is making a difference. Yes, I have some subscribers which I greatly appreciate. Having subscribers does keep me going most of the time when I feel like nothing I am doing makes a difference. It just becomes hard to spend all the time I spend when there is no interaction, no comments, pro or con, no signs that any of this is being shared. When I post on Face Book or other social media that I have a new post in my blog, again, hardly a sign that anyone notices, no comments for the most part and no signs of interest. I do understand that there are many far better blogs than mine and that my posts may not be as concise or well written as a lot of the other blogs. I also know my style of writing and information sharing is not for everyone. Some think me a conspiracy theorists, which does not bother me, some think I am a fear monger and operate from a place of fear, which I am not and do not! What I fear is if this evil is allowed to continue with little opposition and the results of that, other than that I go through each day confident that God is with me and in control. That if we do what God expects us to do, stand against evil, then come what may. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty to live for on my worse day and I love my family and life and I have no desire to be a martyr or leave this world before God says it is time. I have no death wish and value my life and others, but I cannot live with myself knowing I have been aware of what is happening here in the US and globally and how it will affect all of our lives if it is allowed to continue! I realize many people do not believe in God or are other than Christians or followers of Christ (yes, there is a difference), so I do make an attempt to keep religion out of this. At the same time I am a follower of Christ and I do not deny Him or that I KNOW my standing against this evil, and tyranny and the NWO are born of evil, is a calling from God and in obedience to God! My goal has always been to wake people up and share factual information about the NWO from ALL walks of life. By keeping the focus on the NWO and all that is happening and what we can do about it, I feel more people will be open to reading and understanding what is happening because many people will not even read a post that has anything to do with or mentions God. For the Christians and followers of Christ that may say this is wrong, my goal is not to convert anyone or to push my religious views here. To do so you are really fighting two battles at the same time and will lose both battles. By waking people up to what is going on through facts and what they can actually see, helps us all to remain free and possibly beat this NWO. Also God will guide me in when and how to show people the connection to all of this and how the Bible has accurately foretold what is happening. I have used this approach for years in conversations and have been able to open a few people’s eyes up to the accuracy of the Bible and the possibility that they have been wrong about God. They can then begin that journey if they choose to and i will be glad to help, IF THEY ASK me to. Originally I wanted to be posting in a different section of this blog the connections between the NWO, current events and the Bible so people could read that if they chose to. Unfortunately this AS prevents me from doing both at the same time now and I am lucky to post a few time as a month here.

So in a nutshell, I am back and refreshed. I have just reminded myself from the last paragraph of why I blog on this subject and spend all the time I do researching the NWO, current events and politics. I do this for my family and their future! I do this because I hate evil and those that do evil! I do hope people start sharing, commenting and interacting, but if nothing changes, my mission is the same still, to fight against the evil, the tyranny and the NWO through the sharing of factual information and opinions. To try to get people from all walks of life to focus on our similarities and not our differences and to get them to the point that they will research, what they read and hear about for themselves with an open mind instead of believing all they hear from the MSM and to let people know that they are not alone in what they are seeing and know is happening here and abroad and that there is hope. That they can make a difference and there are many ways to get involved and do their part to defeat this evil tyranny.

I will close with this. I have a couple great short videos I hope to post in the upcoming days. They are short but impacting! Please be sure to watch them share them and visit the sites that I got them from. Whatever you do, research things for yourself and don’t take anyone’s word for anything, including mine. Look around and you can easily see the negative changes that have already happened and then image what it will be like in the future for your sons, daughters and grandchildren if things continue at the same pace! Then look at your children or grandchildren, at the innocence, the hope, the trust and think about the way things were when you were their age. The joy, the freedom, the opportunity to really live life and not live in fear daily or oppression, or having strangers in uniforms groping you to make sure you are not a terrorist. The hope you had and the plans you had for your life as you were growing up and how you felt anything was possible. I don’t know of any parent or grandparent that doesn’t want the same for their kids or grandkids. In truth we always want better for them than what we had and would do anything for them to have better, to have a future and to protect them. Now look in their eyes again, look at their faces and look at your hopes and dreams for their lives and future. When you do this, how can you say “I don’t care about the NSA spying on us”? How can you look at them and not start standing up for their future, for their rights and their protection from a government that is under foreign control and wants to enslave us all in the name of making us safe? Look long and hard at their faces, at their futures and then ask yourself, what will I tell them I did to protect them and their freedom? It’s not too late! If you are a parent, now is the time to do more than talk about doing everything you can to protect your children! If you’re not a parent, your future, your family’s and the future of generations depends on standing up against this evil NOW. How? By searching for the truth and sharing it! There is no need for violence (and I do NOT condone or promote violence in any way). By simply exposing the criminals in charge and their criminal agenda and sharing it with others, especially those in the military and law enforcement, we can defeat the tyranny, we can defeat the criminals in charge, and we can return to a free, Constitutional country as a people who can hold their heads up high knowing you were part of ensuring freedom for the next generation. We can get the industries and factories back and the great paying jobs back and regain control of our lives and our futures! Always remember, the only person with YOUR best interests at heart is YOU and governments only concern is securing their own future. They do that by becoming bigger and taking away our power and giving it to themselves. They do that by controlling you and I, not by giving us freedom, prosperity and safety!

God Bless and remember, look at the face of your children, look at the news, then look in a mirror knowing what you know! I can do that with no problem, knowing I am doing all I can for them, can you?



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