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It Can’t Happen In America!

This is the first post of what will be a series about how too many people think and say “it can’t happen in America” when in fact much already HAS happened in America and sadly, much more is on the way. I hope to cover a lot of the change in America, most of which is by design intended to destroy this country and our freedom!

There are several things I hope to accomplish with this series. I hope to show some of the more obvious and even less obvious things that many people have said “could never happen in America” that actually have happened in America! I hope to warn people about some things that can or are going to happen in America, that you will not believe can happen in America. I hope to explain why these things will or can happen and how we can prevent them from happening! I hope to wake some people out of their trance, to open the eyes and minds of whomever will listen. Perhaps clarify some of this for those that just do not know what to make of all that is going on. I also hope to provide an understanding of who you can and can not believe concerning what is happening in America, and the world, and why. I really think once people understand some of these things and are reminded of just how much has happened in America, that so many people never thought could happen here, they will understand they have been warned, but have chosen to dismiss those warnings, and still do!

First we need to discuss the “conspiracy theorist”. Why? Because these are the people who have been trying to warn America for a long time and many people will not even consider that they may be right and are missing a lot of great information based on facts, truth, documentation and sometimes just purely connecting the dots. Also, I know many people on Face Book and Twitter see my posts on freedom, tyranny, NWO, fluoride in water, GMO’s, false flags, the rise of sickness, autoimmune diseases, autism and cancer and much of it being associated with vaccines. They see my posts about the TSA in airports groping, molesting and abusing everyone from infants, young children, men and women to the disabled elderly and how they are now at many public events and in larger cities even on the streets and highways. America is in a literal soft police state rapidly heading towards a full hard-core police state, martial law and full tyranny, and they blow it off or think, “that Jeff sure is a conspiracy theorist” or “Jeff has his tinfoil hat on again”! This is happening to countless others that are awake and aware, trying to warn people everywhere of what is going on and what is to come, in the hopes of turning things around and securing our freedoms and futures of our children and ourselves!

Have you really seen no change in America? Have you really not seen or read the articles myself and others have posted on the constant attacks our “elected representatives” either engineer or allow and researched them for yourself? Our rights being violated openly and being illegally taken away almost daily anymore and people just ignore it, or worse, laugh at those that point these things out. Instead, they choose to believe known liars and people they admittedly do not trust at all!

Allow me to try to explain why this phenomenon of believing know liars and people you distrust over those that you do know or have no reason to distrust occurs.

Our Main Stream Media (MSM) as a whole is now owned by 5 corporations, all with the same agenda and financing. They get caught lying, twisting stories, leaving out important facts, editing audio to frame people, to make them sound like an idiot, to make them sound racist or even completely discredit them. They then all send out those same videos, talking points and sound bytes over and over, on every station you see or listen to continually. All you hear is what they want you to hear from every station. Now add to this the FACT that most of us are in a slightly hypnotic state due to the flicker rates on TV’s and monitors (and a few other reasons which most people believe to be pure conspiracy theory, so I will not mention them in this post). So we now have intelligent people who believe and trust in known liars and politicians, that by almost any poll taken in recent history shows have from a 9% to 11% approval rating from the public and most people say they wouldn’t trust any of them as far as you could throw them! Now all they have to do is mention “conspiracy theorist” and that person, fact, video, document, article or yes, even theory, is immediately considered by most people, some of my family and friends are among them, as false, untrustworthy, completely ridiculous, way out there or unbelievable. They either never even bother to read, listen or view it or IF they do decide to check it out, they already have it dismissed in their minds. Yep, they choose to believe known liars, people they admit are biased or do not trust over someone they know to be honest and genuine with no reason to lie about any of this to them or anyone else! Many of these people know that what they have seen with their own eyes is not what they are being told by the MSM and politicians, yet they choose to believe these propaganda artists and known liars, especially during times of emergency, crisis or attacks, believing that these same people now care about us and want to help us out, protect us, all out of the goodness of their stone cold hearts!

The globalists that are behind all of this are after one thing, one world governance or the NWO. They have spent a lot of time and money, much of it even our own tax dollars and through our own government, to learn how to best manipulate us through media. Here is a great article filled with a LOT of facts on this. It is about 3 years old, but still very informative and eye-opening.(clicking this link will open a new window/tab and is not part of the site) Mass Media Mind Control Techniques

So you see, there have been and are many people trying to warn others about all that has happened in America and things that are being planned and may still happen, but many of you believed those giving the warnings to be “conspiracy theorists” and chose to not pay them any attention. After reading this and the facts at the above site I provided the link to, I hope you research some more, think about what you have read and what you know to be true (and perhaps a little scared to admit) and I hope you and all the other people who have been unknowingly “brainwashed” will actually realize that many “conspiracy theorists” have been right more times than wrong! I hope you decide not to discard someone or their information every time the MSM, politicians or somebody else calls them a conspiracy theorist, but instead start thinking, maybe I need to check this out. Of course some conspiracy theories are pretty whacked out and false. I suggest you do like I and many others do, read and research yourself. Verify for yourself the facts given by everyone, including me! The MSM and politicians have successfully used this term for a very long time to silence or discredit any opposition, especially if they were telling the truth! I hope this wakes people up so they can choose to believe their own eyes again, start using their intelligence again and join in exposing the lies and corruption that is destroying this country and the futures of our families, friends and our own. Also, they too can don the tinfoil hat and be ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists”! Yes, a little humor thrown in there.

Please check back often or even subscribe to catch this series. Maybe we can get some discussions going. The next post of this series will be up in a day or so.

As always, comments, links and things I missed are welcome and encouraged as well as sharing this blog with others.

Yes, I have placed a picture of me wearing a tinfoil hat below. Why? Why not? I always have been able to laugh at myself and this is no exception. Many people will get a few giggles over this and that’s good. I’ll probably even use it as my profile picture here and my social media sites for a while. If someone won’t read my stuff because of it, they probably wouldn’t have believed any of it anyway. If any conspiracy realists are offended by this, they need to learn to lighten up, even in these trying times.

Me Wearing A Tinfoil Hat

Universities have actually done studies and contrary to popular belief, tinfoil hats really INCREASE reception of radio waves. They do NOT block or reduce them. LOOK IT UP!


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  2. Mywarrior says:

    Great idea for a series. I can’t wait to read the next post in it 🙂

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