Selling Poison For Infants


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Bottle Fluoridated Nursery Water.

Absolutely disgusting!!!! Fluoride is NOT good for adults, and even worse for infants!!!

Please pass this on and warn everyone you can about this, especially those with infants that think they are giving their baby something beneficial!

The picture was taken at a local Harvey’s. I have heard the eugenists “elite” were pushing fluoridation of infants, but this is the first I have seen the actual product. Hindsight now, but I should have taken a picture of the display itself also. Prominently displayed at end of the aisle with signs where everyone can see it while going to or from the check-out! I am sure similar products are in every store everywhere, not just Harvey’s.

I know many people are just starting to wake up to the systematic poisoning of the masses through fluoridation, but a LOT of people are still believing the lies that it’s good for people! I know it’s hard for many people to wrap their minds around the fact that the Mayo Clinic or CDC, for example, or medical practitioners would not be telling us if it was bad for us. Time was when these institutions and medical “professionals” were somewhat less controlled,when there was such a thing as integrity and they would not be so bold in their lies and actually report the truth or at least not promote deadly products as healthy!

To be fair, many MD’s are actually less informed than you or me on many medical issues because they believe the drug reps and don’t seriously research things, plus there is the $$ kickback factor from each prescription filled. Example, one of my Dr’s was livid when I told him I was no longer taking my statin drug for high cholesterol due to the nasty side effects (worse than high bad cholesterol). He told me he and his family all take it & he most certainly would not give something harmful to patients, family or himself! He refused to do further research or really listen to my research!

Please, tell everyone you know that fluoride is dangerous, period! Fluoride was used in the Soviet gulags & Nazi concentration camps to sterilize the prisoners, make them docile and lower their IQ’s! Oh yeah, rat poison, care to guess the key ingredient? There are plenty of websites anymore that do a great job of explaining everything about fluoride. The history of its uses, where it comes from and the MANY dangers of it. What’s even more staggering is there is no scientific proof that fluoride helps fight tooth decay whatsoever, but plenty of proof that it is a dangerous poison that has many, many harmful and even fatal effects on humans!

Here is a site that explains some of the dangers of giving infants fluoride: infant fluoride alert

This site has a lot of documentation on just about anything fluoride related. The whole site is filled with good information on chemicals in foods, cosmetics, milk, water, etc. as well as exposing certain scams from institutions and cancer causing chemicals in everyday products. I have only skimmed through this extensive site: healthy communications fluoride page

Again, please pass this information on to everyone you can. Many communities have forced their cities and counties to eliminate fluoride from their water supplies (many local governments add fluoride to the water supply)! You can help save lives and babies of family and friends from horrible health problems with this information!

I don’t know about you, but knowing we have been and are being purposely poisoned and now going directly after infants makes my blood boil! We CAN stop this! We CAN stop those trying to destroy us, our families, our children and our futures. It’s OK to get mad! Use your anger to get informed and form groups to demand local governments stop poisoning us and companies stop putting dangerous chemicals in EVERYTHING! By getting involved in local council meetings and petitioning companies and boycotting their products, you CAN force change PEACEFULLY!!! Once you stop buying their products and make it known that the community is aware and will not vote for them, they’ll have no choice but to change! It’s happening all across America & it starts with regular people saying enough is enough! As a parent, I don’t see where that should be a problem. After all, would you allow a stranger to come into your home & feed your child poison? Of course not! So you tell me, what’s the difference (other than these are pathetic evil cowards that do this from a distance and en masse)? What’s stopping you from protecting your family and yourself? Trust me, you are NOT alone!

Update: Short aside with video posted here


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