The TRUTH About the 2nd Amendment-Quotes from the Founding Fathers


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I have quoted a few of our Founding Fathers on more than one occasion over the years on the true intent of the 2nd amendment. I must admit that has happened more in the last few months than I feel should be necessary, but between the MSM, the politicians and liberal/authoritarians twisting the meaning and deliberately so to fulfill what I and many others, some very knowledgeable in politics both world-wide and here in America, believe is the stepping up of the attack on our freedoms and God-given rights! Infowars has put out a fantastic 10 minute video that has pulled together many quotes from our Founding Fathers and some of history’s worst tyrants. Not just the usual quotes from the usual men, but from many that I am sure a lot of people may have never heard of. They played an important role in the forming of our nation and their words are just as true and important today as they were in their time!

To those that say we need to understand that they had no idea of what the future in weapons would be like, I think you will hear that they may not have known about tanks and AR-15s, but they make it very clear that no matter what the weaponry of the future, the people, the citizens of this country shall not have their right to bear those arms infringed upon, PERIOD! They also are VERY clear in their intent of the 2nd amendment! To protect us from a rogue government, not just foreign government, but our very own!

Listen and watch this video very carefully. Look up the names and quotes for yourselves, as well as the history of these men, both great and evil! Sadly, this is the only way you will discover the truth as the MSM has become nothing more than the state-run propaganda machine and will tell us anything but the truth! After the video I will put a link to Infowars site where the original video is plus their comments and another video in retaliation to Hollywood’s offensive video ‘Demand a Plan”. Side note: I decided to download and then re-upload this video instead of linking to it or embedding from the Infowars site for two reasons. First, if YouTube takes his video down, mine remains up, second, I need to work out some bugs on posting my own videos apart from YouTube. Feel free to share this, as a matter of fact I encourage you to share this with everyone you can before it is too late. A final word before the video. Some say let the government just register all the weapons and restrict a few as well as make everyone get a mental health check. That this is “reasonable”. First it is still infringement. There are already too many laws preventing us from our right to bear arms as intended, which in my opinion they all need rescinded. Second, history shows that once  they know where all the guns are, that is when they begin the confiscation! Third, I can not believe anybody would trust a government paid psychiatrist to give a reasonable and fair evaluation of the majority of people. OK, now the movie folks 😎


Here is the link to Infowars were the original video and article can be found along with the other video. This will open in a new window/tab.


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