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I included the video excerpt from the movie “The Body Guard” for you to listen to while reading. I believe this is still the best version of the song and shows Whitney in her youthful beauty. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

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The song “I Will Always Love You” as heard in the film “The Bodyguard” (1992)

–Movie Information–
Directed by: Mick Jackson
Produced by: Kevin Costner, Lawrence Kasdan, and Jim Wilson
Written by: Lawrence Kasdan
Starring: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston

–Song Information–
Album/Soundtrack: The Bodyguard Soundtrack (1992)
Original Length: 4:32
Label: Arista Records
Writer: Dolly Parton
Producer: David Foster

I just got done listening on the radio to Whitney Houston sing “I Will Always Love You”. Absolutely beautiful!!! What a song!!! What a singer!!! Then I started to get both sad and mad, but mostly mad. What a WASTE!!! That’s right, what a waste of God-given talent! What a waste of beauty and life!!!

Some of what you are about to read you may find unbelievable or perhaps you do not believe in God, Satan or the Illuminati. One thing that you must understand is this, there are those out there that study and practice the dark magic, worship Satan and belong to what is known as the Illuminati and they take these things very seriously. Personally, I believe in the battle of good and evil, God, Jesus, Satan, demons and angels and I believe those that are Satanists and Illuminati are very dangerous people and will do things that most people find unbelievable! So you do not have to believe in these things to understand that they do occur and occur more than most know!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Whitney and her music and I am only a little mad at her. Most of my anger is toward those that were around her, those that should have protected her and those that should have guided her away from the evil she ended being surrounded by and eventually killed by. Was Whitney blameless? Absolutely NOT! She had choices and made some wrong ones. I believe she lived with much regret over those choices. Choices from what I have read, were pushed very hard on her by those she trusted and those she should have not trusted. Some of those people were probably innocent and naive and believed this other contract was merely a contract that gave access to the more elite in the industries or whatever lies I am sure they were told to help convince them and Whitney that this was just standard procedure. Others I am sure knew and some suspected, but could only see the dollar signs and how they would benefit from Whitney’s rise to super stardom! They too paid a price, I am sure for they are enslaved for their deceit as well.

The “elite” of this world, the movers and shakers, the Illuminati and all the power brokers absolutely HATE beauty! They despise it and it makes them sick! Sure, they may say they love beauty, they may buy the art and spend tons of money on bringing beauty to the masses, which they make even more than they spend to do so. That is all a front. They absolutely despise beauty in any shape or form. Also look at the art they now buy. Most of it is disgusting and perverted by most standards. It oozes pure evil and they love it!

You see, these people of power are their father’s children! They have turned into miniature versions of the one they serve. They serve Satan, they worship him and Satan is their father! Satan can not stand beauty (even though God created him to be the most beautiful angel), their inner being is black as coal, their corruptness, selfishness, pride and greed has turned them into pure evil, pure ugly, if you will (just like what happened to Satan). They can NEVER achieve beauty on their own, they can never be beautiful. That is part of the price they pay for the master they choose to serve and this master is unforgiving, jealous, cold-hearted and destroys anything that is beautiful or has beauty, if he can, if you allow him. Just like the one they serve, their spiritual father, they seek what they can not be or have for one reason, to ultimately destroy it!! Make no mistake about it, they are evil!!!

In Whitney’s case, she was under a lot of pressure from those she trusted to do the movie, The Body Guard. She was afraid, for many reasons to do the movie. One of those reasons is in Hollywood, to do certain movies, you MUST sign a separate contract with the Hollywood Illuminati. This blog is not for proving their existence or arguing that. Maybe a later date, but not now. So you can accept this exists or not, continue reading or not, your choice. Once you sign this contract, you have agreed to super stardom or at least fame and fortune, to what degree, depends on much, but for this “privilege”, you pay a price, your very soul! In Whitney’s case, with her beauty, her voice and acting ability, super stardom was what she received and at came at the highest price!!!

Whitney became a superstar after the movie and not long after her life started its downward spiral. For awhile it looked as if she had it all, but behind the scenes the controllers were collecting their dues, their payment! Her husband, many people now say,  was her Illuminati controller. Filling her with drugs, beating her, playing serious mind games with her, controlling who and what she saw and could do. So much that we will never know, except what bits and pieces leak out from the darkness. In the end people were shocked at videos of her last days. Whitney most certainly was not the same beauty, the same talent, the same person millions fell in love with, nor the same person she was created to be!

Yes, the power brokers, Illuminati, “elite” and their master had extracted all the beauty from Whitney that they could. They succeeded in twisting, corrupting, scarring what God have created as beautiful, even that wonderful voice, they destroyed her completely and distorted it so that it looked just like their souls, just like they feel, just like their master, Satan! Below is a picture of Whitney before her spiral down and after. It is my opinion that Whitney would have become a bigger superstar, retained her beauty and still be alive if she had not done this movie or become part of the Illuminati! She started out loving Jesus and singing gospel and I read that she had done a song days before her death, that I believe was her reaching out to God, about loving Jesus. I truly believe God had even bigger plans for Whitney that would have dwarfed what she was given by the Illuminati and she would have reached millions for the cause of Christ. Sadly we will never know.


Many Illuminati experts say that Rhianna is now the High Priestess, replacing Whitney, with Taylor Swift in waiting. They also believe, as do I, that Whitney’s death was no accident! That her contract with Satan was up and the final price she had to pay was being LITERALLY sacrificed. It is my opinion that with all those top industry people there, most of whom are Illuminati, they were there to take part in this ritualistic Satanic sacrifice and transfer of power. We will probably never know what really happened that night to Whitney, but should not be so naive to believe what MSM has reported or the “official” reports! As to the new High Priestess and the rest of the music and Hollywood industry and the Illuminati connection, pay close attention to the symbolism used, the wording in the songs and scripts, the scenery and props used. All these things have meaning to them and their worship and they are attempting to entrap as many people as possible using these things. Satan has been subtle in his entrapment of people from the start and continues to deceive people using subtle ways.  All the information here is what I have garnered from scouring the internet and reading what experts, people who study the Illuminati, have written about and bits and pieces from those in Hollywood that have dared to speak out about this. Mark Dice has several very good books on the Illuminati. As of late Mark has been sidetracked and following a personal vendetta. He is rude to many people including people who follow him on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. All that said, He has written several good informative fact filled books on the Illuminati and the NWO.

I hope this serves as a warning to others about the evil in this world and how we should fight it at every step. While most of us never have to worry about choosing super stardom, evil is at our doorstep everyday and in today’s world, it is growing stronger and tempting each of us and our children in many ways, promising us money, fame, an easy life, handouts, or something we perceive to be better than what we have now. We should protect our loved ones from it every way we can and not be seduced away from the beauty in ourselves that God created for the temporary fame, fortune and rich lifestyle that we see on TV and the movies. In the end I believe Whitney regretted her choices. I believe she would have done many things differently if she could have and listened to her fears about doing this movie instead of those around her. Evil is real and it is has an insatiable appetite. The Bible says this:

John 10:10  New International Version (NIV)

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Fight the good fight people! Don’t wait for the church or your pastor to tell you! We are in a world where evil is trying to do to us what it has done to Whitney and so many others. Pay attention to what is going on in the world and in the USA. There is much evil at the highest levels and we MUST fight it. We must protect our families and recognize the evil that is upon us and make the choice to serve God or serve Satan! Those are our only two choices. If you are NOT standing against evil, if you do nothing, then you are SERVING Satan and will answer for it. You will not be spared, Satan will destroy you and God will judge you!

Rest In Peace Whitney and thank you for the wonderful music and entertainment you brought to our lives and may God have mercy on your soul!



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