SHAMEFUL Videos and Tweets Call For Violence

STOP the violence stop-sign

OBSCENE LANGUAGE ALERT! More violence talk! Michael Moore has released a video ad for Obama that is disgusting! It is below the next paragraph. While I find it deplorable because this is what the people in our country are being reduced to. The left and so-called Liberals all love this and ridicule anyone who dislikes it. Saying we are over reacting. What they are missing, as usual is that it is not intended as a humorous ad. It is a call for violence hidden in the raunchy humor. Our society is being pushed and prodded into a civil war or at least a state where violence and hate is tolerated and even promoted by the government and in particular this administration, as long as it is in line or promotes their agenda! Let a conservative or independent produce a video like this or the whole so-called Liberal left will be screaming bloody murder and demanding it be taken down and the person(s) responsible either jailed or more likely calls for some very violent punishment for them and even their families! This is no exaggeration. I think we all have seen this type of radical call for violence when the so-called Liberal left is offended or does not get everything they want. What is worse is that ALL three branches of government and the Main Stream Media (MSM) usually side with the so-called Liberal left. It is a complete one-sided raid on the conservative and independent people’s Constitutional rights. Sadly these so-called Liberals are too ignorant to understand that those in charge will do EXACTLY the same things to them once precedent is set and our rights are abolished. I have said this before, but must say it again, you can NOT allow ANY person’s Constitutional rights to be abused or taken from them. We MUST stand and support everyone’s Constitutional rights even if and when we DO NOT agree with them!

Look up all the serious Tweets calling for violence if Romney wins! Tweets with actual threats on Romney’s life, violent acts they say they will do to him and the Main Stream Media (MSM) is silent! Don’t believe me? Just do a web search for “violent tweets if Romney wins” and see. Last I heard most of the accounts and tweets were still up, but I did hear a “rumor” that some were being investigated. If this was being done against Obama, the government would shut Twitter down! The MSM would be blasting it 24/7, distorting it and screaming foul! All around all we are hearing is talk about violence, shooting & setting communities on fire, accusations of “stealing” the election, when polls have been showing for sometime that Romney has been in the lead! Chicago style politics at its finest.

These threats need to be investigated, accounts closed and these people need to be prosecuted! All over America people are being arrested for non-crimes like taking a video of a police officer in a public area, making non-violent political comments on Face Book, growing gardens, etc. yet the corrupt and racist Justice Department does nothing! Do you recall the people questioned and arrested for hanging Obama and Biden looking dummies in a spider’s web for Halloween or for placing empty chairs in pictures with truthful facts or non-violent, non-threatening  opinions about Obama and his policies?  Our rights are being violated and taken from us each day and now people are allowed to call for violence and make threats against people’s lives because they support Obama! We as a society are in some serious trouble folks.

As for the MSM and its bias and silence, I am sick of it! I really do not understand how people can listen to or read this garbage and worse yet, believe it. How can people NOT see that they have an agenda and it is the same globalist agenda that wants to destroy countries and freedom! Our government allowed these media outlets to merge and be gobbled up by five or six corporations that all belong to the global bankers, thus giving us the same lies and misinformation globally. That’s another post for another day. I am just so tired of all the lies and people,  from all walks of life and political affiliations believing them.

How bad do things have to get before people say enough is enough? NO, this is NOT a call for violence! I do NOT advocate violence to solve any problem! I advocate uniting for the cause of FREEDOM in NON-VIOLENT legal, Constitutional ways! Sadly, just saying this and talking about freedom, the Constitution and non-violence COULD get me in trouble, while those advocating violence and rioting are encouraged by the non-actions of those that are sworn to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land!  It is a call for people to unite and demand JUSTICE! Flood your representatives on the local, state and federal levels with faxes, calls & emails for an end to the tyranny, an end to promoting violence to get your way or to intimidate people, an end to the completely biased MSM that actually receives government funds! Flood your local paper and radio stations with the same messages! Tell the sponsors of these publications and stations you will not support their business as long as they support these media thugs. I rarely call for boycotts, but we MUST start speaking with our dollars. They understand and will listen if it affects their bottom line!

There are a LOT more peace-loving, non-violent, freedom loving people in America than those that want to enslave us and take away our rights. Now is the time to stand up! Waiting for them to come to your door is too late! We CAN stop this NWO and the corruption that has taken over our representatives, our very government! We can stop these chicken necked, sick, perverted, evil global bankers and their puppets and their plan for tyranny, but we cannot be intimidated! We cannot live in fear! While we still have a voice, make it heard! Speak out loud and often! Get informed and talk with your family, your co-worker, your neighbor, strangers at the store. Truth and knowledge is our friend and the globalists enemy.

Most of you already know I am NOT a Romney or Obama supporter, but this country will NOT survive another 4 years of Obama! It is just that simple. Can you think of a time in our history when there was so much talk of violence, of riots, of pitting people against each other because of race or class? All this has drastically accelerated over the last 4 years and this is NO accident! If Obama gets re-elected he has pardon power, he does not have to worry about pleasing ANYONE because he cannot run again. trust me, we haven’t seen anything yet from Obama, Holder or the rest of these anti-Americans. Four years of not having to worry about answering to anyone politically or otherwise will have each and every American waking up in fear! Look at all the Executive orders he has signed and WHAT THEY ARE: Complete List of Obama’s Executive Orders. It will terrify you. Put that together with those already in place by past POTUS’s and we very well may be looking at the ruler of the North American Union! Note, not all Executive Orders are bad, but far too many are. Also they are being abused and many  are unconstitutional. See my article on Are Executive Orders Legal.

For those that are voting Obama and believe the lies of the MSM and Obama, I beg you to think with your brain, not your emotions. Obama does NOT care about you! NONE of these people at the top do, as a matter of fact, they think of us ALL as cattle, as subjects for them to rule over! They want a race war! They want a war between the classes! They want us poor and unemployed, sick and in debt! Look at their actions, not their words, their lies! The poor and the black communities are being used as pawns and have actually suffered MORE under Obama’s policies than anyone else! Not one Wall Street executive has been prosecuted during this last four years! The Hispanic communities are being used as well. Promises to get them jobs and to allow those here illegally are just to get your vote and stir up more violence! Sadly too many are allowing themselves to be used and they will be the one’s suffering the most if they do riot!

I will only say if you are voting for Romney, it is better than Obama as it will buy us some time to possibly turn things around, to spread the truth to more people. Other than that, Romney’s policies are almost identical to Obama’s where it is most critical to our freedom and jobs. Both back the NDAA and the clause to arrest US Citizens, no trial, no jury! Both will go to war against Iran! Both will continue to close down our economy and spend us into a black hole of debt to the globalist bankers. Both serve the globalist bankers and the NWO! Romney doesn’t hate America and Americans as much as Obama and I believe will slow the attack on American down for at least one to two years. If that is the case I hope and pray that enough people from all sides realize how badly we need to discontinue the left-right paradigm, the false image of the Democrats and the Republicans as two very different parties. While they have some very important differences, the most important thing is they both serve the global bankers and want to rule over us, not serve as our representatives! We need to get behind a third-party candidate on ALL levels of government and that third-party MUST stand for a return to a Constitutional government for the people!

My personal views are to vote for a third-party. If all those dissatisfied with how our country is run, then that is the only real answer! Why do you think they do not allow a legitimate third-party to even enter the debates? Simple, the third-party usually stands against globalism and for freedom. It also is NOT part of the current fraud of the two-party system where both parties are just fighting for control of the sinking ship. They have no plans to stop the sinking, they just want the control, the power and the money!

If possible vote against anyone that voted for the NDAA, as well as against Obama! The time for change is NOW! The time to unite, peacefully, is NOW! If we all would unite to regain our government and freedom, their would absolutely be NO need for violence! The sheer size of the group would be overwhelming to the globalists and their puppets! That is the dirty secret they don’t want us to know or act on! They would give up and run and hide at the first sign of a united free people because they are cowards and criminals trying to legalize their hate and crime.They know if their crimes are exposed, their real agenda of world government and eugenics, that they are finished! It will be almost impossible for them to hide and they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. They will run and hide!

Please be sure to vote and vote your conscience! Also seek the truth! Find alternative news and find out the facts instead of the lies of the MSM! Save America for our kids and future generations!

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May God bless and protect us!


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