Are Executive Orders Legal? Understanding the Constitution

This started out as a response on Face Book to a post in regards to Obama and a particular Executive Order (EO) that would give him power over just about everything in the US! I have been saying this for a very long time and I’ll apologize for the length of this, but I feel it’s needed. Congress needs to share in the blame for the state of this country, perhaps more so because their job is to prevent these things from happening and they not only have failed in that, but in some cases have encouraged it by ceding some of their duties to the executive and not obeying the Constitution in matters regarding not only the POTUS, but in their duties also. The “super committee”, unconstitutional, for one. We also can’t forget how they recently passed a “rule” restricting SOME members of government. from participating in insider trading after it was made public many were profiting from this. Also Congress has exempted themselves from many laws they pass! Of course I would be completely remiss if I did not mention the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), TSA and the NDAA! Only 17 members of Congress from BOTH parties refused to approve the NDAA!!! The one difference about those things I just mentioned is that even though Congress thinks things like the NDAA will not apply to them, they are wrong! One only has to look at how the Patriot Act, DHS & TSA  are being used on them as well as us to see that they soon will regret allowing these unconstitutional acts. History bears out that those that are in a place of power to stop these actions and do NOT, are usually one of the first groups that the new power structure, the new tyranny they approved, goes after because they are now a threat to the tyranny. They have the knowledge how to legally stop this and usually have the support and connections! My point being is the mindset of Congress has been that they rule over us and the laws we must follow don’t apply to them! This must be recognized to fully understand and address the problem. Not only does POTUS act as a ruler, Congress does also. This IMHO, is why they have allowed Obama to get away with so much. To call him out could endanger their own little fiefdom!

All that being said, Executive Orders (EO), are being and have been being used in an unconstitutional way. Neither party brings this out because both parties have been doing it for years to further their own agendas! Ouch, I know, but it’s true! We must get back to a government that follows the Constitution, period! We must, as citizens, have a better if not complete understanding of the Constitution and scream bloody murder en mass when any branch of government steps outside of it!! Congress must understand, uphold and follow the Constitution as well as the Executive Branch. Needless to say the Judicial must also, especially in their rulings!!

For me the question of EO’s and whether they have been recently and are being used in accordance to the Constitution is pretty simple, NO! Common sense will tell you that in their present use they are being used to create laws, which the POTUS has no authority to do, and bypass Congress completely. If this was the way they were intended to be used, then Congress is not needed and there would be no reason for a separation of powers! Simply put Executive Orders can NOT be used to bypass Congress and do whatever you want. It is ridiculous to think differently or else any POTUS can set himself up as a dictator and outlaw Congress and the Constitution! Think about it and research some of the last two administrations EOs (you can go back further and see that other POTUS’s have been setting this scenario up for a long time, but the last two should suffice). It becomes quite obvious that this is exactly what they are trying to do.

I did some searching on EO’s & the truth about them and found a site that I believe does a real nice job of correctly and plainly explains EO’s, the Constitutional limitations and responsibilities of each branch and the Constitution. Some people may be offended by the way the writer starts out, but people need to continue reading because what follows is just too important. I would also add that those that may be offended offer their explanation as to why the Republicans allow this to continue (we know why the Democrats do, but feel free to offer your thoughts also)!

Here is the link. I only read this one page, but bookmarked it to read the other pages the writer has regarding the Constitution. Please share if you agree with the information provided. Facts, truth, education and understanding of the limitations and powers that the Constitution outlines is imperative for us to regain control of our government and this country! This is the best way to prevent this from happening again and enables us to pass the truth and knowledge down to our children, ensuring generations of freedom and prosperity for our families and  for future generation!

As usual, any comments, thoughts, remarks, objections are welcome! Please share with everyone you know.


Oh, just a reminder, please be sure to vote out each and every elected representative that voted to approve the NDAA that allows, with the approval of the POTUS, for the arrest, indefinite detention, torture and killing of US citizens by our military with no judge or jury, no lawyer or trial just for being ACCUSED of associating, supporting or being a terrorist! This should scare every American citizen because if you look at what this administration and the DHS consider or define a terrorist to be is so loosely and vaguely worded and worse yet, they claim protesting is a low-level act of terror, that returning war vets are a terror threat, Christians, Ron Paul Supporters, Constitutionalists, preppers, etc. Can you see why this is so dangerous besides being in complete violation of the Constitution?



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