Why We Should NOT Attack Iran

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I want to add to what Ron Paul is saying here. I know many of my war mongering friends, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Atheists, Liberal & Conservative believe we MUST attack Iran before they get a nuke. Ask yourself this, why would Iran launch a nuke at Israel and or the US, when they KNOW that either country has a much larger, better nuclear arsenal and that as soon as they would show ANY SIGN of launching a nuke, that their own country would be immediately obliterated from either country’s superior weaponry before theirs could get off the ground? Answer, they wouldn’t!!! This upcoming war on Iran is meant to distract people in Israel & the US, to solidify those in power so they don’t get voted out (which they will without this war), and to continue the global agenda of using our military to destroy and insert new regimes that will sign onto the global banks debt bringing these countries under the control of the global bankers, while killing millions of innocent people in the process!

Think people, THINK!! Each country being overthrown is bring forced into the global banking system immediately! If you don’t care about that, then put our country first and understand we are broke, the global bankers openly brag about taking over here (and the Eu) and top economists admit it (see video here) Each war continues to plunge us further into debt to these global bankers! It’s THEIR plan. Stand against a global government, stop this insane policy of fear mongering and war!

Think about it. The “war on terror” is a war on fear ! It can’t be won & it’s not meant to be won (just like the fake war on drugs). The globalists create it, they control it and they profit from it (both the war on terror and drugs)! The elite keep us in a constant state of fear (ironic isn’t it) & then say we must take action or invade a country because they MIGHT…!!! Our military’s sole purpose according to the Constitution is the DEFENSE OF THE US!!! Invading all these countries that have done nothing to us & are not planning any attacks on us just because they might someday is exactly what Hitler did. No surprise because the same global bankers financed Hitler, put him in power & created his policies!!! This is known fact that Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Bush’s, and other globalists funded Hitler and ALL sides of that war and put Hitler in power! Hitler first coined the term New World Order and George H. Bush Sr. first used it in modern-day during a speech as POTUS. The globalist learned from their mistakes with Hitler and have fine tuned their plan for world domination and then depopulation of the masses! This is what we are seeing today. The results of these real terrorists, the results of pure evil and those that worship it!

Please listen to this with an open mind, research the FACTS & stop being an unwitting globalist puppet! Choose wisely where you stand and what you believe. Our future, our children’s future depend on it. I also believe each of us will be held accountable to God Himself for our choices!



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