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I know I’m going to get some flak about this (I would say a lot, but most people just ignore this stuff), but here goes.

If your truly sick of the crooks in office, if your really 100% fed up, if you want freedom, liberty and an end to the government abuse of the Constitution, breaking the law and getting away with it while at the same time spying on us, arresting people for non-crimes and making unconstitutional laws to imprison us, while having secret laws (Patriot Act) meant to entrap and strip us of any and all freedom, then the answer is pretty simple.


I’ve heard all the weak excuses and party lines about voting 3rd party. If all the people fed up with this corrupt foreign controlled government, together with those already classified as Independent and Libertarian joined together and voted 3rd party for each office on the ballot, it would be a landslide in our favor, like nobody has ever seen!

We would regain control on every level, which is what needs done! The states created the Federal government and the local levels make up the state. No more of the lesser of two evils (as a follower of Christ I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible that says accept the lessor of two evils) when the others on the ballot will do something these Main Stream Politicians (MSP) have stopped doing and refuse to do. That is listen to the people, represent the people and protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic!

Ask yourselves this, at this point in time what is more important, regaining control of our country, our rights and our freedom, or continue the madness of the current policies which BOTH parties have created and continue invading countries, preparing for wars for what another country MIGHT do in the future?

It should be clear to everyone by now that if either Romney or Obama win and we keep the current elected representatives in, our country will be broke before the end of 2013, our freedoms gone and full martial law will be in place!!!

Remember, of all the members of the House of Representatives ONLY 136 voted against the NDAA and 13 from the Senate voted against it. Those would be the ONLY ones that are worth checking their voting record to see if they truly represent the people or if this was just a case of believing all else has been acceptable and the NDAA was just going to far!

This election is not about right versus left, liberal versus conservative or even Republican versus Democrat! This election is all about freedom versus tyranny! Let’s flood the polls in November and vote united for freedom. The choice really is ours whether we continue down the road to tyranny or if we just what they don’t want us to do, unite and vote each on of the treasonous conspirators out of office and regain our freedom, control of our government on every level and control of our future!

Vote your conscience and next time someone from one of the two “parties” tries to scare you or intimidate you into voting “their” way (I am SOOOO sick of that! It is all over Face Book and for some reason these people think we should compromise our values because THEY ARE!!!)), just show them this post and tell them THEY are the ones being unreasonable and THEY are the ones helping the status quo continue, not you!!!

Thanks and be sure to get out and vote and encourage others to do the same (after you explain why it is so important to vote 3rd party)


If a united strong movement for Ron Paul to be written in, that would be worth checking into. If that happens, you can count on a post from me explaining which way I feel would have the best shot of winning, 3rd party or write in. At this point in time I think the write in option would because of the absolutely HUGE following Ron Paul has!


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