Parents Criminalized For Kids Playing Outside

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Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard – What is the world coming to?

Texas woman forced to spend night in jail for supervising kids’ outdoor playtime

Yes, these headlines are from a real article, this is actually happening. Go ahead and follow the link below to read the article (opens in a new window) and then come back to read my thoughts below based on the article. Share your thoughts or memories of your childhood in the comments section. I would love to hear your stories. Then please be sure to share with everyone you know. Subscribe to my blog if you like also. No spam, no tracking, just an email whenever I post a new article. Thanks

What in the world is wrong with people? I’m talking about those that actually call the CPS or police on neighbors who let their kids play outside! Talk about brainwashed busybodies!!! This & things like this are why I can watch a movie like Hunger Games & others that are futuristic fiction and truly believe it is the elite allowing us to see the way THEY see the future of this world! I know you might think that’s crazy, but look at all the movies from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. How many times have you read an article or saw something on the news and thought, “Man, that reminds me of a movie I saw”? OK, you see where I’m going with that.

Long gone are the days when people in the neighborhood knew each other & REALLY looked out for each other. I remember more than once one of my friends parents either calling or talking in person to my parents about some mischief they witnessed me doing and my parents doing the same thing with my friends. This was not done in a malicious, tattletale way. It was not abused or done out of spite. Sometimes my parents would just warn my friends or vice versa. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like my parents and the other parents were all so close that there were these neighborhood barbecues or parties all the time. Truth be told, there were a few groups of families whose parents hung out pretty regular, but the vast majority were not close and basically waved in passing to each other and that was about it. There were parents that did not like the other parents, yet they looked out for each other and especially the kids! Not like the busybodies you just read about! Not in an intrusive way or a way that made them feel superior, empowered or special, but in a reluctant, respectful way and most of the time the parents receiving the call were thankful for the call from the other parent  because they knew, it was about looking out for each other and the kids. Calling the police or CPS or whatever it was back then (I do know you hardly ever heard about them) was unheard of. As a matter of fact, if the police got a call like that when I was growing up, the police would probably laugh at the caller and ask if they have been drinking! I guess it goes back to character, respect, and genuine concern, things that also seem to be long gone, replaced by cowards that would rather call “authorities” and feel like they are are somehow powerful and superior instead of just talking to your neighbor about your concerns. Then again, these brainwashed agents of the NWO already know what would probably happen if they called the parents instead of the police or the CPS. The parents would probably do one of two things. Either thank them for their concern and explain that their children are healthy, having fun and more importantly, completely SAFE or they would tell them MYOB, get a life and leave them alone because it’s my guess those making these calls about the kids are known busybodies, trouble makers and the type that wants you to be 100% cooperative with everything trendy and everything the government and NWO say we MUST do! The type that are politically correct and want you to be too, happily micromanaged because they are. The type most normal people kinda get a strange chill or feeling about after talking with them or when they see them watching their every move.

One more story from my childhood. I remember sleeping out with friends. You know, the cardboard forts in the backyard, get a buddy or two and tell scary stories, staying up all night. Well we would usually wait until our parents went to bed and we would go walk around the neighborhood. We didn’t do anything malicious or bad, just walking around cutting up, maybe smoking some cigarettes and just being kids. A couple times the police would cruise by and stop and ask what we were doing. Usually they would tell us to go home, it was too late for us to be out (it was usually between 1 & 3 am). Once or twice they took us home dropped us off and told us to stay in. Once they even woke our parents up (that did NOT bode well for me). The point is the police knew we were just kids screwing around. They weren’t worried about us! They were even very courteous and respectful to my parents and us usually (except for a few trying to scare us into not doing it anymore, even then they were just stern, not jerks).

I know that many neighborhoods still are nice places that are like the one I grew up in. I know not everyone is brainwashed and love the nanny state government and mimic it, trusting only the government and not their neighbors. I know many parents still have the same values and do just like the parents in my youth. I know this, but I also know the world is changed and not for the better and it is a direct result of the things the NWO and the government we have. They want us trusting only them! They want us turning each other in and sadly more and more people are gladly doing just that. They promote this attitude and sadly many police and CPS are more than happy to go along with it, as the one woman in the article found out. Not all, but enough to make it bad for us!

What is this world coming to? What’s wrong with these people and more importantly what can we do to stop the insanity? If you got answers or your own story to share, please, I really would like to hear from you. In the mean time, let your kids be kids and stand up to the creepy busybody neighbors that want to control everything & everybody!


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