9/11 – What is It “We Will Never Forget”?

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While I think it is good people all over the world continually say “We will NEVER forget” concerning the tragic events that occurred 11 years ago today, what is it that we are never forgetting? Sadly what all too many people mean when they say “we will never forget” is the “official” story about what happened that day, and that in itself is a tragedy! We should NEVER forget what happened ESPECIALLY since we do not know the TRUTH about what happened that tragic day. We may NEVER know the full truth, but we MUST press on and continue to seek the truth about who was behind all that occurred that day! Truth is what the victims deserve! Truth is what the families and the hero’s deserve! Truth is what each and every American deserves, especially since the events of that day have led to so many abuses of power from those in power! They have used this to attack the citizens of this country and take away our freedom and our rights and they continue to use the “official” story to spy on us and take away all of our freedoms and rights, to trash the Constitution, to allow TSA to molest and humiliate the young, the elderly, the handicapped and anyone they choose! I could go on & on, but that’s not the point of this post today.

Nist released 5 terabytes of evidence that shows the “official” story should be questioned! There is massive evidence showing alterations to videos and audio of that day! Most on the commission that investigated 9/11, were very unhappy with what they were allowed to investigate and the restrictions placed on them! Architects & Engineers for 9/11 have raised many valid points that need investigated! Many firemen, police, emergency responders, and witnesses agree, the truth is being covered up! I have viewed countless hours of videos and audio, read accounts from those that were there and things just don’t match up or come even close to the “official” story.

Looking back on EVERYTHING that has transpired since that tragic day, we MUST ask questions, we MUST demand the truth! Too many things in America and the rest of the world have changed because of the events that took place that day which hinge on the “official” story! When you look at the evidence, ask the right questions, like who has profited from this, who has gained the most and who has lost the most, after those that lost their lives. There is just too much at stake and too much that does not make sense for us to continue to believe the “official” story! The REAL people behind this MUST be brought to justice in order for justice to be had for everyone affected by that day!

So today, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. I ask first that we all pray for the lost, we pray for the survivors, we pray for the families and all those that were forever changed by that day. The first responders and their families and what they live with everyday, they need our prayers. Second I ask that you search hard within yourself, ask yourself the tough questions, the questions that challenge what you were raised to believe about those that have power in this country and look at everything that has happened since that tragic day and ask, what if we actually have been lied to? After all, it would NOT be the first time those in power have lied to us or have been behind a false flag attack. Ask yourself if everything you have heard makes sense or is it possible that those accused of being “conspiracy theorists” are actually right!

Questioning our government IS patriotic and the smart thing to do! Governments exist to protect themselves and their power first and foremost!

So while we are remembering the tragedy of that day and want to honor those that died, the families and all the rest, lets truly honor them all by demanding the truth! By demanding another full investigation be done and that it be done by trusted civilians that are unbiased, have nothing to gain and just want the truth, no matter where it takes us! Maybe then we can say, We will never forget and we will NEVER allow this to happen again!!!

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