2012 Election Rigged by RNC-will Americans stand by and do nothing?

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Will Americans allow this? America was founded and made great because we the people protected freedoms and rights for those we did NOT agree with! We the people demanded and fought for justice for ALL! If you there is even the most remote chance that this is true (evidence has been out for months proving it to be true. See video at the end of the article with a RNC strategist explaining how the GOP will prevent Ron Paul from winning in Iowa and other states), and Americans, whether you be Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or other do not cry out, if Americans sit back and do nothing, then you are condoning fraud and criminal activity! You are part of the problem!

There is absolutely NO good reason that can excuse a person for doing nothing! It matters not if you support Romney, Obama, Johnson or Ron Paul. To allow this criminal activity by doing nothing, to condone this rigging because you do not support or like Ron Paul, is sending a very clear message to the criminals in charge that Americans no longer have integrity, that Americans no longer care about truth, justice or freedom for all! When you do this, you send that message to these power-hungry crooks, you have just given them the OK to take away YOUR rights, and trust me, they will!!

Please re-post this and make it go viral. Please focus on what is right and stand for justice and integrity. I am not asking you to vote for Ron Paul. I am asking you to stand for freedom for all, justice for all and send a message to these crooks, We the People are not going to allow you to rob us of choice, we the people are not going to continue to allow you to lie, cheat and rig elections any more! We the People will NOT allow you to destroy America! We the People have honor and integrity and will fight for the same freedoms and rights for everyone, whether we agree with them or not! We the people are in charge and we will no longer stand by and do nothing when injustice occurs! We the People are in charge and you work for us! Only We the People can restore America to a country of honor, freedom and justice and that begins NOW with YOU!

Here is the video revealing the RNC admits they will not allow Ron Paul to win! Read about it here also (with video): http://3iffromwithin.info/yourls/republican-insider-gop-establishment-plans-to-prevent-ron-paul-win-in-iowa

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