America In Distress


With great sadness I have flown my flag upside down today. I haven’t been flying it for sometime because America just hasn’t been America for quite a while. The things this mighty symbol represents, sadly have been all but destroyed in today’s United States!

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The Supreme Court of The United States has announced the unconstitutional ObamaCare is “CONSTITUTIONAL” and the government can force us to   it wants and force us to do whatever it decides! ObamaCare is much worse than a poorly put together health care plan. It gives the government far-reaching powers. Powers that most people can’t even imagine!

You see, this is about much more than ObamaCare, this is the merging of the powers AGAINST the people and AGAINST the will of the people! There truly is no separation of powers in America any more! The 4th estate, the press, has long been  taken over and are nothing more than a government propaganda machine  and the United States of America is under foreign occupation by the same global bankers that control the UN, NATO and the European Union! Today’s decision has finalized the unity of the powers that were created to keep balance of the power and ensure America remains free! Again the MSM, the press, the 4th estate, that used to keep these powers in line by fairly reporting improprieties, reporting news and what was doing on in an unbiased truthful way, has joined the tyranny.

IT IS NOW WE THE PEOPLE, that stand ALONE against this foreign occupation! Much of the military is awake and understands the situation. Many LEO’s and firefighters do also. Now it is up to WE THE PEOPLE!!! Do we roll over and accept tyranny? Do we accept this foreign occupation of OUR government? Do we seal our fates, our children’s fates and future generations to that of the Jews in Nazi Germany? To allowing TSA to grope and molest our loved ones? Submitting to an evil soulless government and its minions allowing them to take our rights, take our freedom? Allowing them to force taxes, vaccines, poisoned food and water on us while banning natural good foods? Allowing them to tax our breathing (carbon taxes), spy on us in our homes, cars and streets? Listen to our conversations and read or emails? Censor us on the Internet, track us and our movements?

Will we allow them to round us up and put us in FEMA camps as political prisoners to “re-educate” us? To torture and kill us?

When do we unite and say enough is enough! We are NOT the criminals!!!! You ARE!!!

When do we wake up? When do we defend our rights and freedoms?

Today is a very sad day! Perhaps it will signal a turning point. Perhaps this will wake people up and unite them, finally!

Mitt Romney, if he wins, will keep us on the SAME PATH!!!

It is up to YOU and I NOW!!! Unite! Fly your flags upside down (the international sign of distress). We are a nation in distress, a people in distress! Can we all agree to fly our flag upside down to show those that would destroy this country, that we are awake, we do understand the situation, we are not happy about it, and most importantly, we will NOT sit back and do NOTHING!

May God bless the people of this country and give us wisdom and strength to regain control and restore America, to her former self, the land of the free, and the home of the brave!!!

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