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I saw this post on Face Book about the voting at the Lowndes County Republican Delegate Meeting. I like to give credit where credit is due, so thank you to  On the Lake Front which posted the original article that caught my attention. Here is the link to the article: Delegate meeting. I will post the video below my thoughts.

Anybody that knows me knows I am an avid Ron Paul supporter. While this is not directly about Ron Paul, it is about how the “old guard”, those in power react to opposition to anything that opposes their opinion or their “guy”! What I saw in this video did not surprise me as much as it confirmed what I already had a feeling was the case here in Lowndes County and pretty much what goes on all over this country. What you will see in this short video is people, citizens with the same rights as everyone else, being intimidated and bullied at what is supposed to be a meeting that has rules and procedures in place to ensure fairness and due process. I will be the first one to admit, this video is a wake up call to me that I need to have a better understanding of these rules and procedures. One does not have to have a full working knowledge of the rules and procedures to see what is happening in this video. There are a few at this meeting (some are newbies to this process) that obviously disagree with the majority and the majority do not like it one bit! At this point I would like to point out that it would have been proper if those that were experienced would have been nicer and appreciate the fact that other people in the community are getting involved, as we all should, and taken the opportunity to help them understand procedures. Instead they do their best to ridicule and make them feel uncomfortable. At one point a person is made fun of for trying to copy all the names of delegates from the reading. A comment on the original video points out that copies should have been handed out according to the rules and procedures. I almost attended the meeting, but had personal obligations that could not be rescheduled. To be honest, I am not sure how I would have responded at this meeting, being that I would have been one of those that was obviously unwelcome there. Bullying and intimidation are tactics that have been around forever it seems like and I do not usually respond to that very well. I’m not saying I would have done anything different from those there did, especially since I would have been woefully unprepared with the proper knowledge of the exact rules and procedures, I do know that being treated in this manner I usually have to really keep myself in check or I end up attempting to fight fire with fire, instead of staying calm and using facts and intelligence to accomplish the goal.

I don’t think the reaction of those that were guilty of using such tactics was because these people were Ron Paul supporters. I believe they would have responded exactly the same to anyone that had the audacity to question or challenge them, to not just sit there like good little zombies and go along with whatever they said. You see, that is where the real problem lies. Those with power or authority have either been corrupted by that power and authority or believe that any question or challenge is a direct threat to themselves. They even begin to feel superior to most people and even in what at best case scenario, in some twisted way, think that they are the only ones capable of making decisions and seeing the big picture. That they are actually doing others a favor because those other people just are not smart enough to make good decisions!

You will see that the Chair, does not have control and is actually a victim of being bullied also by what appears to be the Rules Adviser. It appears that those in charge, the group that has the knowledge of how this is supposed to run, are more interested in preserving their power and keeping anyone with opposing views from exercising their rights under the rules, than they are in making sure the meeting is run according to the rules and procedures. According to what I have read the vote needed to pass by 2/3 majority vote. When the vote is taken a 2/3 majority was NOT there. 49 (total people) 30 votes for 19 votes against. They would have needed 32 votes to pass and only had 30. yet the Rules Adviser not only declares it passed, but declares that discussion is closed. Notice the way he says these things, and nobody dares to challenge. Again, I am not putting down those in the minority that were there. It looked pretty obvious at this point that things were going one way and one way only and the majority sure were not standing up for proper procedure either.

As far as I know, I do not know any one person at this meeting. I don’t know those in charge or anything about them.  I don’t know their names, what they do, who they represent or what connections, if any, they have. These are just my observations from watching the video and any knowledge of the rules and procedures came from the article and comments on the original video. I have no hidden agenda or ax to grind with anybody there. All that being said I need to also point out that this is in part a big part of the problem in America today. The local politics are run just like the national politics. So when people say that the national level politics does not affect them locally, they are wrong. Here is a link to a video showing how at the beginning of the Republican delegate process those in charge of the Republican Party, on a national level, have decided to keep Ron Paul from being the nominee. This is important and connects to this story because it shows how those in power, at differing levels, have decided that the rules and procedures are there to be used at their convenience and twisted to their liking. How the people in power have decided to abuse that power to keep people from freely exercising their rights, by whatever means necessary so that they may stay in power and make decisions FOR us, instead of using that power to insure that every person has a voice and that each voice is heard, whether you agree with it or not. It’s not just the Democrats (which are just as bad), it’s not just Obama, or the POTUS at any point in time, or even the Liberals or our elected representatives that are destroying the Constitution! When those in power at any level decide to take away the people’s rights AND the people then sit back and do NOTHING because they happen to agree with those in power or disagree with those whose rights are being trampled on, or disagree with “their” candidate choice, then we have just given permission for the Constitution to be thrown out! We become as guilty as those attacking the Constitution, America and the American people!


Here is the Lowndes County Republican Delegate Meeting video:


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