The Illegal Assault On Our Rights Continue


3iffromwithin logo/bannerThe assault on American rights continues! At the bottom is the link on the latest illegal, unconstitutional attack on our rights. You cannot continue to just blame Obama (yes, he is guilty as well as previous POTUS)! Our Congress is not only allowing this, they are in on it as well as the judicial branch!! All it takes is for people to do NOTHING and they win! The “laws” they pass are illegal and unconstitutional, thus making them void. It is OUR acceptance and our apathy that gives the laws power, power by consent!!

Please start writing your representatives! Please start taking action! Actively protest and spread the truth on Face Book, Twitter, by the water cooler at work, your church, everywhere. Start pressuring your local representatives to resist the federalization of your community, take fluoride out of the water, stop the Agenda 21 policies they are following, remove GMO’s from our food, stop the assault on parent’s rights, etc. Pick one of a million ways to get involved. Join one of the many forums or groups that spread the truth. Form your own group. Just start small, pick a subject and find out all you can on it, then tell others. Start pressuring the elected representatives to serve US, not the money, not the globalists, but us!

Doing NOTHING is empowering them! Would you rather live in fear and denial or live FREE? Fear & denial makes them stronger, bolder. Standing up to them is what they are afraid of! Look at the SOPA bill! Even though we stopped that and they are trying to pass a much worse version, it shows WE HAVE THE POWER!!! Let’s start using it and KEEP AMERICA FREE!! This IS a battle and THEY started it. They do not want to compromise. They want it ALL! They want your children to be slaves, they want us to be prisoners, with no rights! They want to soft kill us and are! They want to depopulate the planet (seriously, this is on record). If you are afraid, good, you should be. If you are not, you aren’t paying attention or are in denial! Just use that fear to get angry, to get mad that these criminals, these chickens that use others to be bullies are in full assault mode. Make a stand and don’t back down. Get involved and demand justice, demand these crooks go to jail! We can win! We can beat these “elite” globalists and we can do it peacefully, but we can’t do it if you do NOTHING or deny what is going on!

Your future and your children’s future ARE AT STAKE! You have choices. Choose FREEDOM!

Here is the link to the latest assault on our freedom. Please pass this on everyone you know and subscribe to my blog. Thanks & God Bless us in our endeavors to remain free and fight this evil!



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