Above the Law


Time to rant a little. I just read a watered down version of the Stock act just passed & heads to POTUS desk to sign. I be said this before, even before I first heard about this “new” law & reading it again just makes me angrier. Angrier at all the apathetic Americans that just don’t want to get involved. Angry at the unmitigated gall of these corrupt elected “servants” of the people & angry that our justice dept. is just as corrupt!!!

Let’s make this simple. There is a law on the books, it’s been there a long time, saying it is illegal to partake in insider trading in the stock market. Last time I checked, those in both houses of Congress were American citizens. They have OPENLY said, the law does not apply to them, thus this new “act” (which does NOT cover certain federal employees)!!

They are literally saying they are above ALL the laws they make!!!!

This IS Criminal, Unconstitutional,
Treasonous &

How can ppl just ignore this? How can ANY parent, not get angry and start getting off their a** & get involved? How can you allow our country to be systematically & openly destroyed, freedoms taken away almost daily now by criminals in suits?? What will you tell your children when they have to live in fear of the govt. and have no freedom??

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