Obama Deception – Two Party Dictatorship


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Obama Deception

This has been around for a while (since before the 2008 election), but with elections just around the corner, if they do not call them off for some made up reason like a false flag attack or they just decide to go all the way with this tyranny and police state and tell us we no longer have the right to vote for fear of Al-Qaeda (I am guessing it would be in reference to the “BAD” Al Qaeda, not the “GOOD” Al Qaeda that we are supporting in Syria now and gave control of Libya after we supported them with money, training, air support, weapons, etc.). I digress, any way, this is especially a must see for anybody that actually thinks that one political party is better or different from the other (Republicans or Democrats). If you have followed any of my writings here, Facebook or Twitter, you know my thoughts on this. In short, on the state and national level at least, they are bought and paid for by the same criminal offshore bankers. There is a continuity of agenda and it has been going on for YEARS!! There is no way one POTUS OR political party is responsible for bringing us to where we are today as a nation. They have all built off of the previous administrations work. The same goes for our Congress. Both parties have not only allowed this to happen, they have been constantly passing laws to expedite and further the cause of the NWO, taking away more of our rights and freedoms, while they claim they are immune from these laws (such as insider trading)!!!

Those that are guilty of this are guilty of treason and other criminal acts. The Department of Justice is no better. They have continually ruled against personal freedoms and allowed the criminals that we elected to serve us to get away with their crimes! They all should be in prison!! I will have to post a whole new post on all this, there is so much and so much proof of this criminal takeover of our country and that these men and women from BOTH parties are guilty beyond a doubt!

So here is a short, concise video on “The Two Party Dictatorship”

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Obama Deception-Two Party Dictatorship

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