Vaccine Zombie:

I posted this awhile back and lost some of my posts changing some serve settings and updates, which I am finally able to re-post the ones I lost. I decided to just re-post this as a new post because it is so darn good. That and I know many, many people are still buying into the vaccine/flu shot scam and everyone should know the dangers of taking these “medicines”. Please do not let the humor of the video keep you from listening to the message and checking out this site. Mike has a lot of great health information and backs everything up with proof and sources that allow you to check out who is lying and who is telling the truth!

From Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Check him out if you want the truth about medicines and pharmaceuticals vs natural health. Sign up for his free newsletter via email also. It’s what the drug companies don’t want you to know! and

Here is the link for the video: Vaccine Zombies



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