America Under Attack

America is under attack and has been for some time now!! We have been taken over by globalist foreign bankers and they are in control of our government! The attack is from within and is very real! Below is the latest example and some other examples. Please read, follow the links, watch the video and pass this on. Also you can subscribe to be notified for new posts. If you have questions or other stories or links, contact me. I may even be open to a few guest bloggers 😆  


Obama has signed the NDAA act into law! There was never any doubt in my mind that this would happen. I was surprised that there was no fanfare or very little to no MSM coverage of this. Well actually let me call them something different because they are NOT Main Stream Media, they are an arm of the military industrial complex designed to dis-inform society. They are the Disinformation Media, so for now that is what I will refer to them as, DM for Disinformation Media. Gerald Celente refers to them as “presstitutes” and accurately so, but I am digressing here. Actually Obama first said he would veto this bill, then said he would sign it. This was said after it passed. Then he kept delaying signing this horrendous bill. Why? Obama and those pulling his strings did NOT want the American people to have any more forewarning or time to debate the constitutionality of this bill! By playing this little game, many people just paid it no attention feeling it would be vetoed anyway! Guess what, another lie!!

Now I am seeing the DM and presstitutes are selling this as a benign bill that everyone is mistaken about the clause saying Americans can be detained for an indefinite time, no judge, no jury, no rights! Just the mere SUSPICION of helping, supporting, a terrorist or terrorist group! No proof needed! Also it says any “belligerent act” against the US! Folks, this is all worded so loosely that anybody at anytime can be suspected. Go here to see a very accurate easy to understand breakdown and PROOF that this does indeed apply to American citizens!! You also may want to go to the Department of Homeland Security’s own site and see what THEY consider suspicious behavior. Things like wearing jeans and talking on a cell phone, no, I joke not! Another interesting little known fact that the a few opponents of the NDAA stated was that language to EXCLUDE Americans from this was in the bill. Obama and the White House DEMANDED that be taken out!!!!! Yet the POTUS after signing stated he would never use this against Americans and the real scary part is people actually believe him!! Obama (and a panel that can put Americans names on a kill list. Look it up Reuters reported on this) has already had an American executed with no judge, jury or trial, Anwar Awlaki. While it was on foreign soil and yes, the evidence appeared to point out that he was an active member of Al-Qaeda, he was still an American citizen. (Side note: do some research on this man. Two weeks after 9/11 he was seen at the White House eating lunch with unnamed people believed to be those in the CIA in charge of Al-Qaeda and higher-ups and was seen there on multiple times up to the day he was killed)

It should be obvious to Americans that we are in dangerous times. Not from terrorists, but from those that have seized control of our government. I have stated before the resemblance to Nazi Germany and for good reason. Look back in history and you will see those that control this country are following the same blueprint that Hitler did. What most people do not know is that not only did the families of the likes of Rockefeller, Kennedy, Rothschild, Bush and many others finance the Nazi’s, they brought many of them over here after the war, hid them and employed them! I cannot find the article I read that stated this, but will look for it and post it when I do find it. Even the name Dept. of Homeland Security, Nazi Germany was referred to as the “homeland”.

Training the youth to spy on parents and everyone else. Training Boy Scouts to take down disgruntled war veterans,,, or here You can just Google it and see the many links to this. The Patriot Act, Time magazine and other major media outfits proclaiming the Constitution is outdated and no longer valid, the court’s ruling time and time again BLATANTLY AGAINST the Constitution, Congress openly passing unconstitutional laws, giving themselves and the POTUS unconstitutional privileges, elected officials have an all time low of 9% satisfaction rating, drugs and chemicals being placed in our food and water to make us less aggressive and soft kill us, SWAT team raids on natural food warehouse and the Amish for selling unpasteurized milk, companies like Gibson Guitar being raided and told to move overseas or the raids would continue ( and now the National Defense Authorization Act! Don’t forget about the 600 Camp Fema’s and the government now hiring so they can be manned within 72 hours as well as the government openly and unconstitutionally spying and tracking each of us through emails, videos, phones, etc. POTUS sending our military into wars without Congressional approval, stating he did not need it, the U.N. gave him permission and our Congress does NOTHING about it!!! TSA groping people, children, the elderly, humiliating them whenever they can, openly stealing from them also and now TSA VIPR units are rolling out doing unconstitutional checkpoints in many states. Governors calling for military occupation of their streets to “help” with crime”. Wall Street thugs stealing billions openly, and nobody even gets charged, much less goes to jail, yet they pass more trivial laws to lock us up! The PRIVATE Federal Reserve illegally giving “loans” to European banks at zero percent interest (our tax money) and let’s not forget “Operation Fast and Furious”. The head of the DOJ Eric Holder, the anti-gun czar continuing the George Bush operation to give guns to the Mexican drug cartels and ship drugs back to the U.S. to blame the 2nd amendment and use this as an excuse to take OUR guns! He then lied to Congress, whistle blowers have proven that, yet no action against him either! Don’t forget people have died including three police officers from those guns!!!

That’s all for now. I plan on posting many posts very quickly as so much is going on. Truth and information is vital to beating these tyrants, these criminals. We can WIN!!!

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