False Flag Attack(s) On the Horizon

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Get ready for more false flag terror attacks and they will be made to look like the Tea Party and/or any one that is against the private Federal Reserve, favors the Constitution and freedom, Ron Paul supporters, returning war vets, anything right-wing and conservative. DHS has put another promo out with most of the terrorists being white, middle class males and the “good guys” (those faithful in seeing and reporting “suspicious” activity, which is so broad it could be ANYONE doing anything) police, or other authority figure being people of color or origins outside of the US! Obama just announced the biggest threat is no longer Al-Qaeda (how could it be since we openly support them in Libya), but the “Lone Wolf” attack! Yep, they are telling us what their next move is. The lone guy with the gun killing people like in Norway (paraphrasing Obama)! Let’s not forget VP Biden publicly calling the Tea Party terrorists. Can you see the setup people? Factor in all the high-ranking “officials” that for months have been publicly saying the only way Obama wins again is another Oklahoma City bombing or some sort of terror attack. Then all of America will dutifully gather around the President and lynch, shoot or invade whoever their told is responsible. Can you see it yet? The set up! To top it off, it will be the PERFECT excuse to take away the 2nd Amendment and come after all of our guns!!! Mark my words. I wish I were wrong, but this is what they have been doing for a long time now. For a kicker it will probably be used to try to get rid of Ron Paul since he is the only one that can beat Obama and is the biggest threat to them and their plans and our best hope of regaining our country and our freedom back, ending the Federal Reserve and restoring our economy, jobs, wealth and independence from the NWO!

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