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Below you will find an email that will be sent to my representatives in Congress. I have written many emails and have actually sent a few to them. Sometimes it is just to blow some steam off, but mostly I get rather wordy losing the main point or I just cannot find the right words. There is no sense in emailing your representative, or anyone else for that matter, if your point is lost and it has no chance to accomplish anything. Also, I try to be careful that my wording is precise, factual and done in a way that lessens my chance of ending up on a “list”. You know, one of the many illegal lists that our government now has such as the no fly list (which will soon expand to the no gun list, no travel list, no work list, no buy food list, etc. Let’s not forget the Camp FEMA reservation list either). Nowadays it seems as if just speaking the truth, let alone in an email to Congress, can land you on a list. The government really wants us to be so afraid of being put on these very real lists, that we just comply, keep our mouths closed and give up our first amendment right of free speech, so they can completely enslave us. We can NOT afford to let fear win out. One of my favorite Bible verses is:

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. American King James Version

I try to be cautious and smart about what I write and, even though it may not always show, I try to not allow my emotions to dictate and control the tone or content of the message. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t fear being put on a “list”, I just have decided to put my faith and trust in God. He gave me the sound mind, which screams out daily against the evil that is behind all these things that our country and the whole world actually, are going through now. It is the spirit of love, that God has given me, for God, family, friends, America and humanity in general, that makes me angry when I see all that is happening in the USA and the world. The way that these elitists look down on the people and knowing what their endgame is, that spirit of love drives me to do whatever I can to wake people up so that they can stand together against this evil. Yes, it is evil. Most people do not understand that a very large percentage of the rich and powerful in this country and the world actually actively worship Moloch (Google Moloch or Baal for more info on this deity). See any information on the Bohemian Grove for proof of these people who attend yearly. I have videos in digital format that you can download if you contact me. I soon hope to have a page up filled with videos, documents and other things for viewing or downloading or both. I write these blogs and emails to Congress because God has given me the power to do so, the power to stand up against evil, in whatever form it takes.

I understand people being afraid of speaking out and many do not have a firm belief, if any, in the power and assurance that God is in control. Yet many people who are not Christians or have little faith, still find the courage to stand up against this tyranny and speak out.

Now is the time to start, if you have not already been doing so, to contact your representatives in government, in Congress, and letting them know that enough is enough. Call them out on the unconstitutional activities that they have allowed to go on. Demand that the criminal activities that are rampant in government and corporations that are stealing our rights, our freedoms and our children’s freedom, end immediately! Research one or two of the many areas where we the people are being lied to and attacked by those that are supposed to be protecting us and our rights. Get the facts (so much of this information is available to the public. You just have to look), and spell it out for them along with your reasonable expectations. It does not have to be as lengthy as my example and it is probably preferable that it is not as lengthy,

I said now is the time and there is good reason for that statement. Members of Congress from BOTH parties, are upset about President Obama and the Executive Branch’s attitude and actions. They are very mad that they are being cut out, that their power is being taken away by President Obama (which is extremely unconstitutional). Many are calling President Obama, King Obama or referring to him as a dictator. Yet many are still empowering the President and actually pushing this power grab. Congress has gotten themselves in so deep that they are afraid to use the Constitutional authority and power that they have to stop this. I contend that if Congress is buried with emails, tweets, faxes, phone calls and letters demanding action be taken, that will give them what they need to stop this power grab, stop our President from becoming a dictator or King! Congress is facing some powerful people who want a dictatorship, but if enough people stand up and stand together against this deplorable, unconstitutional power grab, making it clear that the American people are awake, that they are mad, and that they will stand behind the representatives that are willing to put a stop to this and that we will NOT sit back while our country openly becomes a dictatorship, enslaving us and our children! Then they may just find the courage to do what is right and we can take back our government, our freedom and our future!

Below is the email I will be sending. Please feel free to comment it or this blog. Also feel free to copy any or all of it as a template for your own email to Congress., which can easily be done all at one time at

Begin Email to Congress below

I am truly appalled at all that is going on in America now. I have been watching the massive amounts of bills that Congress has passed supposedly to regulate big corporations, mega agriculture, etc. In reality, these groups get an exemption or the fines are barely noticeable to them, but the smaller independent businesses and even the average person who may want to grow a garden, for example, are forced to obey mountainous regulations and face fines that will put them out of business or land them in jail. Many of these bills have been sponsored, co-sponsored or given your vote of approval. All of this in conjunction of what the White House and U.N are pushing to accomplish Agenda 21 from the U.N. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a continuity of agenda. It does not matter much which party is in control, because majority of those in office, for whatever reasons, have turned their back on the American people and are allowing our rights that the Constitution guarantees, to be taken away. 

TSA gropes innocent men, women and children each day humiliating the old, the sick, the young, whomever they feel like, in the name of security and our elected representatives do NOTHING to stop it and to protect us. The excuse that Al-Qaeda may attack is no longer valid. How could it be? Even if we believe, that Osama Bin Laden masterminded 9/11, which he probably died in December of 2001 from kidney disease (it is on record he was receiving treatment for this). Too many facts do not add up and inconsistencies remain. For example, NORAD stepped down for the first time on that horrible day, under orders! How are we supposed to believe TSA and all this is protecting us from Al-Qaeda when we leave our borders wide open? Al-Qaeda is bad so we hunt them in Iraq, and Afghanistan and are forced to give up our freedoms and rights, yet we, along with the NATO forces, openly support, arm, finance and train them in Libya (yes, even Main Stream Media has reported the rebels we support in Libya are Al-Qaeda) because Al-Qaeda is good? What an insult to Americans intelligence! You cannot have it both ways! Never mind that the CIA, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence created Al-Qaeda years ago or that the number two-man of Al-Qaeda, Anwar al Awlaki is on record to have been at the White House two weeks after 9/11. If we want to fly we (children included) must get unsafe doses of radiation by going through the naked body scanners (and they do save the pictures) also in order to “protect” us.TSA is actually gearing up to go into our neighborhoods and highways, proms and grocery stores. What happened to our 4th amendments rights? What are you doing to protect the innocent people of this once great nation and our Constitution?

Therefore, it should be no surprise that with a majority of Congress allowing these crimes against the American people to happen daily without uttering a word, that the White House and President Obama have decided they do not need Congress. That they are above the Constitution, they are above the law, they are rulers and not even Congress can stop them or tell them what to do. They falsely think that the White House and Federal government have total control over the sovereign states of America, that they give the states the power instead of the other way around! The Constitution is clear the states are sovereign. The Constitution clearly defines the executive branch’s power and limits with anything not spelled out reserved for the STATES!

President Obama early on headed the UN Security Council, which is unconstitutional! He has been caught in lie after lie. His birth certificate was proven a fake that was copied and pasted together and President Obama said it was his birth certificate, and nobody in Congress stands up for what is right! President Obama has bypassed Congress by executive order several times and in many instances in direct opposition to what the people, Constitution and Congress has mandated. The carbon taxes,  the council of State Governors, the internet kill switch, Obamacare, Obama’s rural council, gun control (Fast and Furious scandal), raise the debt ceiling plus our taxes, and the war on Libya, just to name a few.

How can you do nothing while President Obama announces he does not need Congress approval to attack or continue attacking Libya, which is war, that the UN approved his actions and that is all he needs. The Constitution is very clear who holds the power to declare war! It is NOT the UN! It is NOT the President! It is up to Congress and Congress alone! Now with the debt ceiling debate he threatens to use the “restoration act” from the civil war (14th amendment) to increase taxes and revenue. Again, Congress alone has the sole power to tax and raise revenue! On this point I would also like to add that it is the guestimated 1.5 Quadrillion dollars of derivative debt, which is the debt of Wall Street and the foreign bankers ALONE that is causing the fiscal problems! Do NOT sign off on America paying this debt. Let the overseas bankers and Wall Street deal with their poor choices and prosecute them for fraud with jail time. Going along with the derivative fraud will seal our fate such as Greece and Ireland so far, with more to come.

Side Note: I ask that you vote against cutting Social Security and other programs that the people have paid into faithfully and without choice for all these years. By not participating in the fraud of derivatives and a few other needed changes, you will see this will be unnecessary.

The solution is clear. First, start exercising the power that the Constitution has given you. Re-establish the separation of powers. You have enough evidence to impeach President   Obama on several things, which I have already listed. I ask that you convene a Congressional Hearing IMMEDIATELY and investigate President Obama on all these things and more. I only listed the main points that most of America knows about. The facts will lead to impeachment! Second, stop the illegal war in Libya. While I am not a supporter of tyrants like Gaddafi, Libya is a sovereign nation. Third, bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no real threat there that requires our men and women to be there in harm’s way. The greater threat is the NWO and the attacks we face from within our own government to create the North American Union and strip America and her citizens of their freedom and rights and bowing down to the UN and the NWO! This also will save lives and billions if not trillions of dollars which is going to the offshore bankers. Fourth, reinstate the Glass-Steagall act and re-regulate Wall Street and the banks! Fifth, investigate and prosecute fully Wall Street and the crooks that have been stealing from us. Sixth, put term limits on Congress similar to those for the President. Seventh, add an amendment that Congress shall pass no law that they themselves are exempt from! Eighth, shut down the unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve, which is a funnel directly to the crooks that are responsible for all this debt! This will return America to a Constitutional form of currency that is in complete control of by Congress! Finally (this is just a start to reinstating a free Constitutional Republic. I am sure many more things will need to take place and will once the ball is rolling). Take away the Patriot Act and the unconstitutional things that it has allowed such as a runaway TSA acting as a private police force violating everyone’s rights and doing things that police officers cannot even do. This will also lead to examining executive orders from Presidents as far back as Kennedy or farther, making them public and rescinding them if they are found to be unconstitutional or give the executive branch powers that are not allowed by the Constitution.

Whatever reasons you may have had for allowing things to get this far, NOW is the time to stand up and help restore America to a free Republic with an actual free enterprise system. Whatever you have voted for or co-sponsored in the past is just that, in the past, but NOW is the time to say enough is enough! America is a REPUBLIC and NOT a dictatorship under martial law and a constant police state. We the people must take our share of the blame also for allowing this to go this far! We have been apathetic and lulled to sleep. We have been trusting and turned a blind eye for way too long. More and more people each hour of every day are waking up to the tyranny we are now facing and we do NOT like it! Together we can return America to a great nation, producing products, employing people in jobs that pay well, and most importantly, living our lives in a free republic. Best of all, we can accomplish this through the process that our forefathers put in place. We can do it peacefully and according to the law. If you make a stand and do what is right, do what you are in office for, honor the office and the people of this state and country. I can tell you this. The people in the state of Georgia will back you and stand up for you and other people in other states will be demanding that their representatives start following your lead! Which side of freedom will you stand on? How will history see you and your actions or non-actions? How will God judge you for how well you represented your people and handled the power given you? Will your children, grand children and great grand children be proud or hide their head in shame? I ask you to do the right thing! Protect liberty, justice, freedom, our country and the people of this country!

I thank you for your time and pray that you do what is right for the people of America. That you have the courage and strength to make a stand and lead the way for America to return to greatness and most importantly, return us to a free republic!

Please feel free to respond to this.



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