My Girls At JAX (Florida) and Their TSA Experience

JAX TSA update in regards to Jess, Bren & Yo! Jess, Bren & Yo @ JAX airport. Jess is asked her age and told just go thru the metal detector (THANK YOU JESUS), Yo goes thru the metal detector & gets her hands checked by TSA for BOMB residue (random check), Bren is randomly picked to get a massive dose of radiation and go through the naked body scanner, which she preferred to rather than opting out and getting sexually assaulted and groped down by TSA (yes, you can opt out of the naked body scanner, BUT TSA agents then YELL for EVERYONE to hear, OPT OUT, WE HAVE AN OPT OUT HERE! Then you are escorted to a very public area where you will be groped, have a stranger put their hands down your pants and on your breasts (for women) and they will squeeze VERY hard to make sure you are in pain the genitalia, genitals and breasts. This is to intimidate you and others and teach a lesson for not submitting to their AUTHORITY!) So TSA, the government and whomever they want to give them to, now have a biometric and naked body pictures of my wife! Talk about choices! America has become one of the world’s biggest police states. TSA is the governments official stazi army proving we in America are no longer considered innocent until proven guilty! This out of control tyranny of a government that has been hijacked by offshore bankers, thus an illegitimate government, not only ignores the Constitution, but has empowered TSA to do things to INNOCENT people that police officers, trained and sworn to uphold and protect the people and the Constitution of the United States, can NOT even do to GUILTY people! For those of you unaware, TSA IS being deployed all over the country to scan and grope you and your family on the highways, malls, public events, etc. All WITHOUT due cause and in violation of the 4th Amendment!

Now you know why I didn’t go to see them off at the airport. I did not want to sit in jail until they got back for protesting the absurdity and illegal actions of the TSA. Yes, Bren loves me, but would not miss her trip to bail me out, and I would rather sit in jail than live with Bren and Jess, suffering the consequences for the rest of my life, if I was responsible for them missing this trip…lol! From my understanding of TSA & airports, JAX does not seem as extreme as others, at least not in this case, THANKFULLY!

Contact as many people as you can and start an email campaign asking them to follow what Texas is doing. Banning TSA from groping innocent people and tell your representatives to ban the naked body scanners too! Neither one of these things adds one bit of security to flying. As many of you know, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Patriot Act are for US, not the terrorists!  The Patriot Act guts the Constitution and by the actions of DHS via TSA, it is obvious they think we are the terrorists and it really is just about training us to submit to them and anything they wish to do. Such as grope and squeeze us, our wives and CHILDREN. Definitely reminds me of the Nazis, and the most feared stazi!

The time is NOW, Please, research all of this, talk with people whom have been subjected to TSA and it’s abuse. Research VIPR! The evidence is OVERWHELMING if you just look for it! Then start emailing family, friends, coworkers, your local, state, and federal representatives (I refuse to call them officials. They are NOT! They are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not our bosses!!!) and tell them enough is enough!

As our government now openly states, never let a crisis go to waste, I have decided to not let this little trip for my girls and Miss Yo go to waste either. That being said I want the girls to have a GREAT trip, be safe and have tons of FUN! See you soon!!!


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