A Post Father’s Day Challenge to All Fathers

I am issuing a post father’s Day Challenge to all fathers out there. I will warn you right now, I have taken a bold stand here and in some cases my wording is blunt! Time is short and I did not feel lead to cushion or beat around the bush with this subject. There is too much too lose and too much to gain. They stakes are high and for keeps. It is about the children, our children and now is the time to just be plain and clear about things! I do NOT apologize for this, but no offense is intended!

Being a father is not about taking the easy way out. It’s about doing what’s right, setting that example, doing not just telling! It’s about sharing your relationship with God, so they can have one of their own! It’s about loving & protecting your children and preparing them for adulthood!

Most of you know and do these things, but too many fathers are not doing everything they could be doing to protect the future of their children. Most would be shocked and even furious at my suggesting this, but it is true! They are ignoring the fast pace the hijacked US government is invading our lives, stripping our freedoms and rights away and those of our children! You, for whatever reason, have chosen to do absolutely NOTHING and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you are setting your children up for a very hard life and possibly even a life so horrible, you can’t imagine, won’t imagine, what it will be like and you will hate yourself for it once it happens. History is repeating itself. We in the USA are under attack from those that would create a 2 class society, us and them. Their tricks and lies are the same as other tyrants, some are just using technology to accomplish it. The bad news is these people are the ones that set up the likes of Hitler and Stalin and have been setting up all the other dictators around the world. They have power, money and practice. These criminals also are brazen enough to tell us what they are going to do and tell us it is for our own good. Yep, the NWO (New World Order) controlling everyone, reducing the amount of people in society, and controlling every aspect of our lives is good for us. Don’t believe me, look up Agenda 21 from the UN and see how many of our cities are actually following those guidelines. Also just pay a little closer attention to all the lies from MSM (Main Stream Media), find a good alternative media source and listen to a few of the “conspiracy theories” that are out there. Guess which is actually backed by fact and truth?

The good news is that it is still not too late. I ask each of you to do what may be one of the GREATEST things a father can do for their child in this day and age. Get involved, take a stand, stop the out of control government and preserve America, the Constitution, the rights and the freedoms we have enjoyed most of our lives! I know just about every Dad out there would do whatever they had to, without thinking twice about it, to protect their child or children from a personal assault and to ensure that they have a future that is bright and promising. Yet for some reason many sit back and refuse to make a stand. Too many purposely do not pay attention to or ignore the growing evil that is running rampant in this country and invading our lives because it is the government, it is faceless and used to be subtle, but like any evil left unchallenged, it grows, it becomes bolder and hungrier, wanting to devour everything, control all aspects of our lives, wanting us to feel useless, weak and afraid! We would never teach our children to stand by and do nothing in the face of evil or wrong doing, to just allow a stranger to get away treating them badly or taking something from them, yet that is EXACTLY what our actions are teaching them. That we are helpless and weak and should just let people that think they are better or think they have the right to treat us badly, to steal from us or do whatever they want to do, even assault our bodies and touch us in places that from childhood we have been taught is wrong to allow! Some will say that it is necessary to allow this unlawful action by TSA for example, for our protection. The statistics show in the US there is a much greater chance of being killed by a bee sting than by a terrorist attack, yet we allow TSA to grope us, our wives and children when they have no probable cause. Yes, they are trained to grope, to be physical, to intimidate innocent people and we do NOTHING! Indiana Supreme court about a month back ruled that a home owner has NO right to stop or interfere with the police from entering into their home whether it is legal or ILLEGAL! That is their wording. That also completely does away with the 4th Amendment. Fluoride in the water (proven to sterilize and cause cancer), GMO food, staged terror attacks (false flag attacks), Al Qaeda is bad, yet in Libya they are good so we arm & train them (side note: Al Qaeda is on record to be funded, trained and under order from the CIA, British and Israeli Intelligence), Anwar al-Alaki is on record as the handler for the Fort Hood murderer. the failed underwear bomber (which witnesses and state dept. records prove he was escorted around ALL the security measures at the airport) and the hijackers of the 9/11 airplanes, yet 2weeks after 9/11 he is on record eating lunch at the White House with military “officials”! The list goes on & on.

We have been under attack and this is allowed by our representatives in BOTH the Republican & Democratic parties, so don’t look to them for help, they are a big part of the problem. They are bought and paid for, too stupid and greedy to understand or too afraid to make a stand. They are working feverishly to take away our guns as I type this. Once that happens, we become just like the 3rd world countries were people are jailed and tortured regularly, food is a scarce resource, etc.

Dads, you are your kids HERO!!!! Whether they admit not or not, you are! I know you want to think it can’t get that bad, but it can, it will and it will be worse, unless, YOU, each one of YOU, make the decision that enough is enough. That you are going to make a stand and target at LEAST one area of this tyrannical government, and spread all the information you can. That you WILL keep up with issues in Congress and email or call your representatives and tell them what you expect. They are supposed to be your public servant, not an official, not your boss, your servant! Show your children what a real father and man does when his family and their safety is threatened. Show those that are conspiring to do this that they will be held accountable and you will NOT stand for it! There are more of us than them, many more! What is so great is we do NOT have to resort to violence. We can protest, be vocal , blog, email, call people. Let your representative know on a regular basis how you feel and what you expect!

For those of you who are Christians, I firmly believe God expects us to stand up, expose and fight evil and injustice. Our churches and pastors are failing us in this area where they should be leading and guiding us. Pray and seek God on this. I am sure He will guide and strengthen you in this. After all, God will hold you accountable for what you did or did not do to protect your children He gave you!

Spread the truth, be bold, and show your kids how valuable their future really is to you!!  You will not regret it and your children really will think you are the Greatest Dad ever! Preserve their future TODAY!!!!

(Moms-you can do your part to! It just so happens to be Dad, day so it is his challenge, but you need to be involved and be vocal too)!!!

For information on how to get involved or ways to find the truth, please feel free to contact me. I have many documentaries and resources to share…FREE of course!

Have a GREAT week and may God bless you and strengthen you!!!!


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