The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues | Western

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues | Western

I usually do my own stuff, but thought this article was too good not to post and people need to read this. Also, Can we finally admit that the whole system is protecting this guy, thus acting against the Constitution and the best interests of the citizens of the United States of America, please! How much will you take? How long will we let them get away with this. This is OUR country, Our Constitution, and we had better DAMN well start doing something about those intent on denying us our rights and keeping guys like this in power! NONE of these people protecting him, and it seems as if the ENTIRE establishment is either involved or ignoring it, are looking out for us, we the people! Start writing your elected officials and demanding they do their jobs. It is either that or be prepared to live in poverty in a complete and total tyrannical police state and that is what you are leaving for your children! Me, I can’t sleep at night knowing my child has that to look forward to. She deserves better and I will do my part to try and bring change and spread the word. I pray you will do the same!

Together, we can win and put people in office that believe in the peoples rights and the constitution!

God Bless and good night!

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