Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I know everyone has heard that before, decisions, decisions, decisions and probably said it. What I am referring to hear is what to blog about. Most people probably think I am either busy or have nothing to blog about, that is why I blog so little. While the busy part is true at times, the latter is never the case for me. it is the opposite really. I always have these thoughts, and I mean always, about what to blog. Constantly I say to myself, hmmm, this would make a good blog, or that would be great also. I just don’t want to blog for the sake of blogging and tire everyone out with my mindless rantings or ravings. I mean really, I know people have busy lives and if they take the time to read something, they want it to have a purpose. Be it informative and educational, funny and enjoyable, uplifting and spiritual, controversial or something to just make you think.

That is what I try to bring to my blog and all my faithful followers. I try to make reading my blog something a person can look forward to, something they can get something out of, something they can think about and many times something they can disagree with me about, laugh about or maybe even agree with me on. What I will be doing from this point on is make a decision and then following through with it. Blogging on a regular basis, encouraging everyone to participate by commenting back, giving opinions in my quick and easy polls, attempt to make you laugh sometimes, educate and encourage through stories and scripture.

So stay tuned and be ready. Check back often and bookmark my blog. Don’t be shy about commenting and rating my blogs honestly. Many great things are ahead for all of us and I plan on blogging about them. If you want me to blog about anything, just shoot me an email. I just might surprise you.

I hope to see everyone Sunday morning at church and then later at the Super Bowl Party!

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing to someone 🙂

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