Lowndes High School Game

Ok, we are here at the Lowndes High football game. It IS HOT & I’m not talking about the game. It is very hot & humid here. We have top row seats where there is a breeze…nada, zip, nothing!

So far we have been very cramped, which does not help, but the people around us are very nice & friendly. The guy to my right bought extra hand fans & gave us one. The people in front of just moved down (many people have left @ half time) a row to give us some leg room. The man to my right one row down just left with his 2 yr. old son. Very nice, but I was getting just a little beat up by the boy…lol. The lady to my wife’s left and my wife┬áhave become very good friends, for just meeting during the game. Like I said friendly people. That’s what I love about Valdosta.

Oh, yeah, the game Lowndes is whipping Tifton 37-0 with 10 min left in the 3rd quarter. Tifton has put up a pretty good fight though. Tifton’s band was good, but the Bridgemen, do I need to say more!!!

Ok, we are headed to the van, kick the air on, relax in padded seats & wait for our daughter to come out at the e d of the game. Whooooo, hold on, NEWSFLASH!!!! we just started getting a nice breeze. Too little too late.

Have a great evening & GO VIKINGS!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Lowndes High School Game

  1. RyanO says:

    South Georgia football…best in the nation. You gotta love it!

  2. Bren says:

    Good blog and all true especially the hotness!

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