What Can You Expect Here?

What can you expect here on my blog? You can expect some honest opinions that I have on just about any subject. Some humor, some just plain observations about life or people, a little bit of insight into my life dealing with a progressive auto-immune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitits (AS), views on the world, family and friends practical, humorous & serious as well as the way I see things and how they line up with the Bible and Jesus including “Christians”, “churches”, businesses, my own relationship with Jesus and the struggles as well as victories, a lot of political stories and videos with links to fact check for yourself. The latter is because I believe it is important for people to know how what is going on in the world today lines up with the Bible. The New World Order (NWO). As a Christian I feel it is my responsibility to expose the evil that is in power today and what they are up to. Revelation tells us of the signs to watch out for and through this blog my hope is to help people come to know the truth about our government, elitists, banking cartels, the Federal Reserve, etc. and their plans. Knowing the truth will help us fight and expose these criminals, but more importantly, when people realize how Revelation and the Bible foretold of these things and they are happening right now, then hopefully this knowledge will bring people to the saving knowledge & grace of Jesus Christ and they can live victoriously with the Hope of the Gospel and reach a decision to accept the gift of Salvation instead of living in fear that the world and the news media bring.

My hope is that I can bring truth, hope, knowledge, and insight and humor into people’s lives. We may disagree on some things, but please do it in a respectful manner.

Thanks & Be Blessed!

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2 Responses to What Can You Expect Here?

  1. Jeff McCarthy says:


    Looks good. I have a website I am trying to develope but haven’t sat down long enough to figure it out…lol.

    Blog away my friend…..JM

  2. Dana Armstrong says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

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