OK, time to start blogging again!

Ok, it is time for me to start blogging again. I would like to say the break is over, but actually I have been like everyone else, BUSY! So I guess I just need to ease back in with a few quick updates. Oh, and yes Pastor kinda shamed me tonight :-} so that was a little extra motivation, love ya Ryan! 

We had the men’s Bible study/small group tonight and let me emphasize SMALL…lol. we had a total of 3 there tonight. Last week we had a LOT show up, but tonight the numbers were not there, but that did not stop us. We had a FANTASTIC Bible study. If you could not make it, you missed some good discussion and lots of fun!!!

Our Sunday crowd has been steady at church, but we have seen a lot of new faces. That is awesome in my book. I really believe word is getting out about New Point and with summer over I think we will see some good substantial growth. What makes it so awesome is not the numbers, but these are people looking for more out of life. Looking for what is missing, or to improve their relationship with Christ and to find a church home. You know, someplace they can feel comfortable praising & worshiping God, learning more about how to apply God’s principle’s in their lives in real, relative ways. Also they are looking for some people that they can connect with on other levels. I hope all our regular attenders take some time to meet these new people and get to know them. Make them feel welcome. I know myself, I can always use more good friends, especially Christian friends. If any of the newer people happen to read this, WELCOME to the family!!!!

Now a blog from me just would not be a blog if I did not mention the political state of this great country or make some statement regarding politics. On September 8th 2009 (next Tuesday), our President has decided to by pass all of the parents and address our children while they are in school. Myself, I plan on finding out if Lowndes High School is participating in this dubious event. If they are planning on participating, we WILL keep our daughter home that day and I will find some way to peacefully protest this action by our President. If you know me, then you know a couple of things, most importantly that I did not vote for OBAMA (read my earlier posts as to why) and I have no problem speaking my mind…lol! Also I usually research things very thoroughly before I give an opinion. After all my reading & watching affairs relating to our government, it is in my honest opinion that our leaders are NOT to be trusted. I will not go into details at this time, but I would rather my daughter miss this “event” and NOT be indoctrinated by liberal teachers that have the same politics and opinions as our President or by our President himself. My wife & I are responsible for our daughter’s education, beliefs, and what she is exposed to. God has given us that responsibility & NOT MR. OBAMA and we will be the ones held accountable. I am not telling you to do the same thing, but I would recommend that every parent with a school age child read about this, pray about it, and talk about it. Ask yourself this one question, why is the President speaking to the children at a time when he KNOWS parents are not with their child? Why not just make press releases asking all parents to please tune in that evening WITH their children?

Well enough is enough. I hope I did not bore you or disappoint any of my avid followers by easing back into blogging…lol. Ok, I admit my “easing” is a little long-winded.

Be Blessed…be a Blessing to someone!!

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