Ok all my faithful readers…lol. I apologize for my extremely long break from blogging. My family and I have been going through some “Changes” as my title reads and it has taken me quite some time to get back into the swing of things. As I made the decision to sit down and start blogging again, the theme of “Changes” reminded me of an old song by David Bowie from 1971. Yes it is “Changes” I have even attached a video from a concert (no I was not at this one, uh, I don’t think, even though we did see this show in 76).

David Bowie...Ziggy

David Bowie...Ziggy - Cha Cha Changes


 I hope you enjoy the visuals as much as you do the song.

We have gone through quite a few changes over the several months. First off we brought our nephew, Josh, down from Ohio to live with us (actually he is our grand-nephew). That in itself is huge. Josh is a good kid that we are trusting God will help us help him find what we have, that is a relationship with Jesus. Bringing an 18 year old into your home causes many changes to say the least. So far things have been going pretty well overall. There are still lots of challenges for all of us to tackle, but God is working things out in His time frame. We had to build an office in our garage since Josh needed a room. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Tony, that was accomplished shortly after Josh got here. Then I had to mud & tape, sand & mud & sand some more. Then the primer, then the paint, then the electrical devices and finally move everything in. Well almost

Jessica & Josh have quickly become like brother & sister. Constantly picking at each other, scheming to outwit Bren & me, fighting, etc. They actually get along pretty well and enjoy each others company, most of the time at least.

The morning schedule is hectic, as another person getting ready in the A.M. called for more changes for everyone. Meals, shopping, clothes, budgets, everything needed changes. Weekend schedules, evening schedules, yep, changes!

We have been praying about what to do for another vehicle because with Jessica having her learners permit and Josh working on getting his, then we would need another vehicle for when they get summer jobs. Yep, more changes. Well God had that covered (as He always does). The administrator over Bren’s dept. at SGMC Cancer Center GAVE us a 2000 Ford Contour. PRAISE GOD. Not only did she give it to us, she had the windshield replaced, new tires put on and had a mechanic fix whatever might be wrong with the car. God IS SO GOOD (and thank you Pam for your generosity & listening to God)!

I also had my medication changed. That has been good and bad. The good is I don’t take as many pills. The bad is getting used to the side effects. I have really been battling this Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). It seems as if since November of 2008 I have not been well enough to do much of anything for more than a day or two at a time and then I am back down again for a week or two. Unfortunately this disease does more than attack all of your joints & spine, it can and does mess with little things like your stomach, colon, eyes, lungs, migraines, mental fatigue, forgetfulness (yeah blame it on the AS…lol) etc. The constant battle that it wages with my body leaves me feeling very weak & fatigued most days. The medicines also help keep you tired, but this new pain medicine seems to keep the pain more manageable.This week so far has been good.

Brenda just got over a week of being sick. I mean stay at home & do nothing type sick. She usually battles through being sick pretty good. This time she was wiped out for most of the week. THANK GOD she is feeling better today! Jessica has been battling some stomach issues for several months now and the doctors FINALLY got her on some medicine that seems to be helping. THANK YOU JESUS!

Life is never boring, changes are part of life! Some changes are good, some are not. Some changes we decide to make, some changes God makes for us. One thing is for certain, changes sure do make life interesting and challenging at times, but with God, we survive the changes and actually grow and learn from them. After watching this video you will probably say, thank God that some things DID change from 1971 to 2009.


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  1. rachel says:

    Missed you Jeff. I love and enjoy the Rushe family so much! and remember: BAD EYE! haha. See you Sunday!

  2. LoRi says:

    Yay!! Welcome back to the blogosphere of New Point. We have missed you!!

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