McCain or Obama

As I said in my previous post I do NOT like either! Yes, I must choose one though. I usually follow what each candidate says  pretty closely and actually watched the whole debate last night. I normally do not have the stomach for hearing that many lies, distortions of the truth and facts, and all the finger pointing. I was not disappointed. Both proved they are very proficient in those things. So how are we to figure out who is the best for the country? Well there is a lot of good information out there that is neither politically correct, nor slanted in either direction. It takes a little time and work on our part, but if you truly want your vote to matter, if you truly want to know what you are voting for, it is worth it

First off, the candidates all have a record for what they have voted on in their time of service and it is public record. All you have to do is type Obama or McCain voting record in Google and go from there. Both have attacked each other for voting on certain things. You have to understand the bill, to understand the vote sometimes. The bill MAY be a great bill, but have a bunch of "pork" attached to it that really has nothing to do with the bill. So you either vote for the bill and it’s pork or you don’t. Unfortunately, we can only guess why someone voted for or against these type bills, but if you really pay attention & research the person on other bills, you can have a pretty educated guess as to why that person voted a particular way.

  From what I can tell McCain has been more willing to go against his party to vote for, endorse, or even create a bill that is actually in the best interest of the country, despite the party line, He called Obama out on that last night and Obama did not refute the fact that he has ALWAYS voted the party line, never once going against the tide, or even trying to be bipartisan. Well folks that spoke volumes to me. I am tired of the finger pointing and party line. Let’s just do what is best for the country and it’s citizens, the heck with which party is sponsoring it! No, McCain has not always got it right, but that tells me he has the guts to stand on his own. A good leader should NOT be one who is afraid to do what is right because it may ruffle a few feathers or it is not what "THE PARTY" wants. We NEED someone who is confidant & strong & willing to stand on his own.

If you go to you can get the truth about all the different things both candidates have been guilty about misleading us in. For waste in Govt. go to There are many "watchdog" groups out there that are non-partisan, but some have their own agenda so be careful. You can find out about many aspects of each candidates from donors, finances, corruption, where they stand on ethical issues, such as abortion, the war, same sex marriage, energy, etc.

Ok , here is what else I like about McCain. He has served his country in the armed services. He acted honorably when he was a POW. He does seem to rely on God & his faith for direction. he is not for raising taxes, he seems bipartisan to an extent, and I do NOT think he is a Bush clone. He also has more experience than Obama in almost every area that is important. While he appears a little nervous during the debate, that to me is OK because when you are telling so many half truths you should be nervous.

Obama on the other hand has little experience, State Senate for 8 years then was sworn in as a US Senator in January 2005. He has spent much of 2007 & 2008 campaigning for president. He has one of the most liberal records for voting on bills in the Senate on both state & US levels. He is strictly a party man, and has blamed everything on Bush and the last 8 years. Now if I remember correctly the White House is not in complete control of this country. We have a House of Representatives (Congress) and a Senate and the Democrats have controlled both houses since the last election. Also we are feeling the pain from many policies that Clinton pushed through. Just as the next President will be erroneously blamed for things that are actually a result of the last one,two, or more administrations. In actuality BOTH parties are responsible PERIOD! Obama is very charismatic and has a way of making you think that he has all the answers, even though he rarely gives details of how he plans to fix health care or Social Security or the energy problems. When he does they are just as flawed as McCain’s plans. As for his speaking ability, Obama is VERY good. Too good if you ask me. Anyone who can be so calm and easy going while twisting the the truth and telling lies and partial truths, should be watched very carefully.

Over the years the Republican party has slowly turned into what used to be the Democratic party and the Democratic party is leaning heavily towards socialism. Take from the rich, give to the middle class & the poor! More taxes, more government, let the government fix your problems & take care of you. Yeah RIGHT! Like it or not if you take from the rich (taxing luxury things like boats for example) they take their money & spend it elsewhere resulting in layoffs and plant closures. Ask anyone who remembers Bayliner and Clinton’s tax on luxury items. the rich still bought boats, just from Argentina, not the US. Trickle down sucks, but it is real and we are stuck with it!

Also look at who is backing Obama, Whooppie Goldberg, Bill Maher, Spike Lee, etc. Now if you have ever listened to any of these famous people and their political views you will know how scary Obama as President will really be. These people are the most liberal of the liberals, continually talking about socializing everything, don’t stand up for nothing or stir up any international feathers, bashing Christians, and yet they live a lifestyle beyond belief.

Find some excerpts from Obama’s book Barack Obama in Dreams from My Father , not the erumor, it has some inaccuracies. Some of these true excerpts really make me wonder. I mean he seems to be struggling with being part white – Quote 1 – ‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.’  Quote 2  – I sought in myself, the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, Dubois and Mandela. MalcolmX... REALLY? No I have not and do not intend to read his book. I also saw a youtube where he was very quick to use scripture (totally out of context) and ridicule it. Go here to listen & see for yourself. Youtube clip of Obama mocking the Bible.  Obama did however sit under a Pastor for quite a long time and that Pastor has come under fire for his militant view of whites. It really seems as if Obama has issues with race and Christianity as we know it.

Obama is smooth talking with little substance and more to the point just a puppet for his party. He speaks of change and promises us what we want to hear. Some equate him to the anti-Christ and I can understand why, even though I don’t believe it. Obama is not what he is portrayed to be.

  • Reformists…NO
  • Left wing Liberal….YES
  • Militant in his REAL views of race & Christianity…Seems like it

I truly believe that McCain stands more for traditional values, honor, one nation under God, an America that is strong because of it’s people. He certainly is not on record mocking the Bible and will not easily cave to one world government via the UN. Obama will embrace the UN and sell us out much quicker in the name of peace. McCain has served his whole life and from all accounts I can not see where he is uncomfortable with who he is, who he serves, or has a problem with race. If we stay at war or have another, as a former soldier and POW, I believe he would not just rush in, but at the same time not be afraid to do what is necessary to protect the US and it’s troops.

I believe if your candidate is for abortion & such, and you vote for him, you are helping to further that cause. Your candidate should represent as closely as possible your views on God, life and country. The Government can not and should not be expected to provide EVERYTHING for you. It always comes at a cost. Obama may not raise taxes, but his programs WILL have to be paid for somehow, and guess what, the middle class working man (woman) WILL be the ones paying the bill.

It is your choice, make it an informed choice!



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  1. RyanO says:

    Wow stirring the pot now aren’t we? Ha! You’re looking a little purple…are you an independent or just angry? Just busting your chops a little. 🙂

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