Christians and politics

Well, I have been thinking about this blog for quite sometime now, and the closer it gets to election day the the more I feel I have to speak out and give my opinion on the two choices we have. I will be blunt here. I do NOT like either! Just as I have NOT liked the choices I have had to make for many of the past Presidential elections.  Washington and the vast majority of politicians that make up our major two political parties are greedy, self serving, power hungry, self serving liars.  We are basically choosing between the lesser of two evils once again. I watched the debate last night and must tell you that neither candidate can or will fix America or it’s problems. Only the citizens of this great nation, can do that. As Christians we have a responsibility and moral obligation to be active participants in the way our communities, and nation are governed. We have been lethargic and apathetic for too many years concerning raising our voices for what our country was founded on and our beliefs. Our forefathers risked everything, fought and shed their blood so that America could be free from religious oppression and our whole nation was built on Christian values and the Bible.  As long as we the people of this nation kept God first, strived to be a Godly, morale nation, then God blessed this nation. I believe God has been removing His blessings for quite sometime now because Christians have given up, yes, given up, standing up for God and our Christian beliefs by burying our heads in the sand and allowing our leaders to pass laws that allow, encourage and protect sinful behavior. Mass murdering babies (abortion)and same sex marriage are just two of the most outrageous ones.  We have allowed prayer to be taken from schools and allow the government to regulate what is taught to our children. Some examples are the gay lifestyle is an acceptable alternative lifestyle, abortion is OK, that evolution is fact (when actually it is a constantly changing theory and a religion with man as his own god) and that God creating the earth is a fairytale that has no place in education.  We have become fearful and or apathetic of speaking out and standing up for God. We are told that Christians have no place in politics and if you evoke God’s name then you are not only a religious fanatic, but you are infringing on someone’s rights. So we do nothing. Where is the faith, the righteous anger and indignation that we as Christians should all feel when God is being thrown in the dirt, Jesus is being ridiculed and we are told by atheists, heathen, and all other sorts of mockers that we MUST be silent! We have given in! We have let God, our nation and several generations of lost souls down, because we have become afraid and apathetic and too self absorbed. How long will God tolerate us? How long will the church (and we the people are the church) be intimidated by mere humans, when we have the Creator, God Almighty on our side? Why are we so afraid to be vocal and stand up for our Savior?

So do NOT look to Washington or these two candidates to change our government. Instead, be vocal,trust God and stop being spiritual sissies and be well informed about what any candidate stands for.

  • look at their track record
  • don’t believe everything you read, research it yourself
  • don’t believe everything they say, research it yourself
  • be active, call or write your representatives telling them your opinion on issues
  • don’t be afraid to be a Christian, trust God

2 Timothy 1:7  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (NKJV)

Since God gave us the power of love and a sound mind, then who is better suited to make decisions involving our communities and nation? Someone who depends on his own power & wisdom or someone that God guides, gives wisdom and power, the power of love. Decisions based on the Bible and God’s love will ALWAYS be the best decisions.

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Involved, Be Faithful to God and God will once again lift up this great nation. We can either trust God and be brave like the founding fathers of this country and risk it all, or we can just sit back and lose everything with a whimper!

America Bless God and God will Bless America!

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